Xiaomi Mi Note 10 vs iPhone 11 Pro Camera Comparison

Hey guys it’s Eric here and this is a camera
comparison between the iPhone 11 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi Note 10
Some of you left a request on my last video because you wanted to see more about the cameras
side by side the iPhone 11 Pro. I’m going to be using the default settings on both,
basically how a regular user would. No 108megapixel shot on here. I did that in my review which
I’ve linked in the description. Let’s let me know what you think about the Audio quality and Video quality from the back camera in the comments more video requests.I hope you enjoyed this
video, if you did give it a thumbs up and share it. Also follow me on twitter and Instagram
to see what I’m up to, Please subscribe for more videos like this as it will mean
a lot to me and i’ll see you in the next one. Peace.

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22 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi Note 10 vs iPhone 11 Pro Camera Comparison

  1. iPhone 11pro killed it all through…. despite having just 12mp compared to 108mp for the MI note 10
    Mega-pixel doesn't matter in a phone but processor does,if u agree with me hit the like button and if u don't hit the unlike button
    Nice detailed review 👌 ERIC

  2. For me, iPhone 11 Pro is the king here, it produces nice images and natural colors. I don't own one but I liked what I just saw. Good work, bro.

  3. For half the price of the iPhone 11 pro the mi note 10. Is better except for night photography. Waiting for Gcam to fix that

  4. The iPhone 11 wins all round.. Better picture quality, more realistic sound (it captures what being in a car with the windows wound up sounds like from the inside) and definitely better night 🌃 shots.

  5. The iPhone is the winner, for camera comparison with the iPhone, I'd advise you use a Huawei, Sony or Samsung phones. I love this review though cause you touched every necessary aspect. Great reviews and keep up the good work 💐

  6. Eric can you please review the Samsung A71 and if possible do a speed/gaming test between it and the Xiaomi Note 8 pro. Thanks.

  7. Needed to watch the video three times. The iPhone 11 Pro really does everything better. The Mi Note 10 isn't really bad too but just can't compete with the iPhone 11 Pro at the moment.

  8. the camera of the mid note 10 is more detailed than that of the iphone 11 pro but manages less noise reduction than the iphone

  9. Mi Note 10 tends to give pictures with too much saturation, sometimes leaving out important details. The video in the Mi Note 10 had back lights too. Great camera tbh but the iPhone 11 pro>>>

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