WTM17 Centili – How to make Carrier Billing valuable

We are seeing that unfortunately DCB
hasn’t actually achieved the full potential that that has right, taking it
into account it’s widespread availability the best
conversion rate etc but it’s still, I would say, still in the in the
drawer when it comes to the potential that it can achieve and that
there’s many different reasons starting from you know, low revenue shares from
the operators, big regulatory obstacles. Many other things that they’re kind of
blocking the way. I mean I guess the banks there are also getting a lot of
important influence as well but there’s there still a great chance for us as
intermediaries to push the DCB beyond the level that we believe can achieve
even with all those obstacles basically there are two main things we believe can
can kind of speed up and accelerate a DCB eco system, one is related to the
the content quality we truly believe that that the the time of the legacy
content of ringtones wallpapers funny videos is really back in the past we as
the industry need to work hard to kind of reduce those type of content and
actually bring back the value that users are expecting for so DCB started as a
value-added service but somehow we lost the value along the road so so we hope
to bring value back to the end user back to the whole industry by by attracting
actually the high quality and brand branded content
in the whole DCB ecosystem and the second one is related to the technology
innovations that are really down to the payment payment provider guys and
marketeers mainly along with the telcos to help to improve further the
conversion rate and a user experience for for those high quality content to
get their results they they I guess they already have maybe with credit cards but
they’re not even aware how big the potential is out there with DCD so a lot
of new technologies around the user authentication mobile identity partial
billing etc are definitely something what we believe is going to be a great
great and important factor for DCB to succeed

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