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And here you don’t receive this
for me to earn something at least? Or do you change it? And do you have
screen savers here? In pesos, that is like 80,000
or 70,000 pesos. I don’t know how to add…
Do you help me? Welcome,
YouTube friends! Today we are going to do an experiment,
you know that the iPhone 11 is very expensive, and people are:
“Oh! I don’t want to spend so much money for it”, so as one is surprised when someone
is going to buy an iPhone 11, Why not do it disguised
as a vagrant? I was asked for this video there… As you are
seeing on the screen, thank you very much. Whenever you want a video tell me
that I do it, I please you, I go out to the streets to do things like this
that I am going to do now, which is to put myself as a vagrant,
a little bit like dirty… We already have several videos on
the channel doing this. Well, this is a sacrifice,
all for you… I do not know, gentlemen, if this will
give me a disease for doing this but it is part of the job to get more
attention to see me take out this, that I really should not do these
things on the street, but hey… I walk with a lot of money in my pockets,
so the idea is to impress people to see how they get when they see
that I bought the cell phone, and that I am going to buy cell phone
accessories, and see what they do… So let’s go there!
¡Boom! Vagrant buying
the most expensive iPhone. Social Experiment. Before going to buy the iPhone
I did a tour of the shopping plaza to see how people reacted to see
a vagrant in their environment, I tried to talk with a person,
to see if it helped me find the cell phone, but instead she rejected me
immediately because of my appearance. Something that catches my attention in this specific
place is that there are many cell phone stores, so I was motivated to go
store after store telling sellers that
I wanted to change my old cell phone, for the last cell phone
that came out in the market, many of them sent me to other stores because
they didn’t think they could help me… Even so, I kept looking
for a store until I finally found one where they had the device
I was looking for. Friend, I’m looking for… I don’t know,
this cell phone was a gift. I’m looking for
a charger, someone told me I had to buy it,
and that thing called… Card… Those aren’t
credit cards, right? No, SIM card. Of those people use to… A chip (SIM)
is what you need, brother. And is that expensive? No, that is worth
RD $ 200,000. And all those phones that
you have here? I have several smart phones there, brother.
I have iPhone 6 Plus… I have iPhone 7 Plus,
X Max and XS. Unbelievable! And the X…
And the iPhone 11 Pro too. ¡S#€&$! That one has 3 cameras,
that looks good. That was the one that
came out these days… A few days ago… -F/&k…
-Yeah right. And you have
a charger for this? I have charger for that
here, of course. Man, look at that… What does it
say there? I can not read. That is to press
the asterisk (*) for unlocking. Hey, but these cell phones
are pretty, brother. Of course, brother.
They are new. But those are expensive, right? They are expensive, yes… People don’t… Is that the one
that goes after that? Are they the same
or what? That cell phone… Look… These are the last ones. The XS Max and the XS Pro… And the 7 Plus and 6 Plus,
are the cheapest I have there. The 64 GB
and the 128 GB… But isn’t that a competition?
Don’t they compete with each other? No, no… I want a good
cell phone, my brother. I see that artists
do things… I’m going to launch as
an artist now and you know… Sure, sure. -Good morning…
-Respects… And I want, brother… Something to record me, that phone has
no camera so I want something good. Is that the last thing you say? I have the latest there… Which would you like
of those smartphones? The last one, what is it? The last one
is the iPhone 11 Pro. Ok… And how much
is the price difference? To see if you receive me
this and give me that… Well, my brother…
Look… That smartphone worth
US $ 1,600.00. And that cell phone
how much is it worth? This one worth about RD $ 500.00 or
RD $ 400.00 (US $ 10.00) Pesos? And the dollar and the peso
is not the same thing? No, it’s not the same thing…
The difference is a lot. Although the seller was assisting me,
the other customers in the store didn’t hide
their derogatory looks. However, I could see that the seller was
still interested in my purchase since he thought I had the money,
to continue testing his attitude I made certain comments that indicated my lack
of budget to acquire a cell phone of those in order to test if the attitude
of the seller would change. That is the cheapest,
my little brother. This is the most…
How much is that worth? This one has a value of
RD $ 10,000.00 (US $ 200.00). -RD $ 10,000,000?
-Exacly. The iPhone 11 is one of
the most expensive. Look, and…
Isn’t that expensive? No, brother.
That cell phone is cheap. You told me the cheapest and
the most expensive, and that cell phone… And is that
the most expensive? Is this not the most expensive?
Hold me there, let me tell you how much… Here I have about RD $ 100.00
(US $ 2.00) So, how is the thing? I don’t think that’s
enough to… Indeed, since I took my money out of a can
and started to take out coins, the seller automatically put away the cell phone,
hinting that I couldn’t buy it anymore. So I wanted to surprise him and take out
the cash I had in my pockets. No, but I have some
cash here. But how much
is that worth exactly? In pesos, talk to me in pesos,
because I have cash. US $ 1,600,000, my brother. ¿US $ 1,600,000? That is in pesos? You don’t
know how it is? I don’t know if… Tell me the price in pesos
that I’m going crazy already. In pesos that would be the equivalent of
RD $ 80,000 or RD $ 70,000.00. Between RD $ 80,000
and RD $ 70,000? Let me see if
what I have here is enough. A friend of mine, brother… I don’t know how to add…
Do you help me? Sure! How is this? Is that the one
I’m going to take? Of course, yes,
my brother. And you don’t have a charger for this
cell phone for me to resell here? Of course, my brother. And as I suspected, showing the amount of money immediately
changed the perception of the clerk and the customer
who was seeing everything… And it is interesting to notice
how their attitudes changed in a second. They began to look for
conversations… Well, they were intrigued to know
where I had obtained such an amount of cash. And you are not afraid
of being robbed or something? No, brother, really, because I always
walk with mine, do you understand? I’m sure. You know that you can not be walking
in the street with a high-end smartphone like this… Taking advantage of this
I continue the conversation with them in order to leave them
a reflection in a subtle way. Hello! What’s up? Who knows if you get a
girlfriend and everything… This thing gives you status?
This cell phone? Sure. I don’t know what
people think, they see someone
with this… He has no money! They see you with this…
And you’re already rich! And look at my appearance,
and I have this. -That’s it…
-That is not like that… Bill me this to go, give me guarantee,
give me everything. When I was about to leave the store,
one of the other vendors came out to see if my purchase was real,
and I could also notice the looks of those who were expenting me
from outside the store. There was so much empathy
with those in the store that one of them even offered to
help me with my clothes. -You have RD $ 4,000.00 (US $ 75.00) left over.
-RD $ 4,000.00? That’s hard. You should stop by my house
to give you some tennis shoes. -Really?
-Sure, brother. Perfect, I’m going brother,
because… I have some foot blisters.
Look, I’m limping. -Look at the red mark, there.
-Do not joke with me… It’s hard… The old tennis shoes that
you have, brother… Really, I’d really
appreciate it. Sure! After buying the iPhone, I wanted to go through
some of the stores that I had already visited and new ones in search of a screen
saver and a cell phone case to see the people reaction when they see
that I just bought the last cell phone. And indeed, everyone
was surprised with my purchase. So you have no cases.
Where can I get cases? Where are
the best cases…? On the first level, in that hall,
in front of the popular bank. Okay… Well, it’s fine. The iPhone 11? Do you get accessories for
this cell phone? You do not have? But that is one of
the last ones that came out. Ahh! At RD $ 1,500.00 (US $ 28.00)
I ran out of money buying this. Is it true that this is the last one?
Or did he cheat on me? Between those places I went to a place
where there were too many people, and there they looked at me ugly…
Sure, until I took out my cell phone. Are giving cell phones
here or something? Ah! I am not nice. Does that work with
this cell phone? -Yes.
-¿Good? Someone told me that I have to
unlock it, is that what happens? -Give it to me to pass it to #$#%.
-To who? Woao! What good people, right now they wanted
to help me, how attentive they are. In any case, I found it interesting
to carry out this social experiment, and surprisingly,
the learning that I take is more than I could
possibly convey to you. We live in a society where appearances and
the material are worth more than anything else. One of my goals with this type of content
is to reflect, is it worth it? Remember that
appearances deceive, and more will deceive
those who only look at them. Appearances deceive and more will deceive
those who only look at them. Gentlemen, I already left the shopping mall,
here is the iPhone 11 in its plastic and everything, I do not even
think about opening it because we already had one, which by the way if you want
to see a Review of this cell phone, I’m going to give you a link
to the Vlogs channel that I made. With this cell phone, for those who ask
what I’m going to do now that I bought it, I’m going to raffle it if this video
passes 100K likes in less than a week… Give it a lot of support! Next week, if the video has
more than 100K likes, I’m going to raffle it here on
the channel and on Instagram… So stay tuned
on social networks. Follow me on Instagram
@adolfolora. Subscribe to my Vlogs channel where
the Review I mentioned about the iPhone is. Subscribe if this is the first time you see one of
my videos, we upload video twice a week… And see you next time! ¡Boom! Subscribe:
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