Twitch Dark Mode Tutorial – Desktop & Mobile (iPhone & Android)

Hey all Wild4Games here and in todays twitch quick tip video I’m gonna show how to change your light mode on
desktop and mobile to dark mode let’s go alright let’s dive right into it we’re
gonna start with desktop but if you’re only here for the mobile devices go to
this time stamp here and that will get you going right off the bat when logged
in on your twitch channel go to the right top corner where your profile
picture is and tick on that go near the bottom and there you will see where you
can tick on in off dark theme hey just really quick if you’re finding the
information in this video valuable I do a bunch of tips all the time for
streaming to make you bigger and better so make sure you hit that subscribe
button down below and don’t forget to follow me on my social now back to the
mobile side to change to dark mode or light mode on mobile regardless if it’s
an iPhone or Android it’s all the same simply log in to your twitch mobile app
in the top left corner you will see your profile click on this and it’ll direct
you towards your twitch channel page in the top right corner you will see a cog
wheel that allow you to go to settings on the settings page you can go to
preferences and then go to appearance this will allow you to turn on light or
dark mode depending on whatever your preference is if you’re an Android user
once you click on the COG wheel one of the options that will populate will be
to enable dark mode simply just pick what mode you want and you’re good to
rock and roll on your mobile device now if you’re a twitch mobile user and you
need any more help knowing how to broadcast from the twitch mobile app
don’t worry I got you covered my friends I’m gonna put a video over here to the
side that shows you exactly everything you need to know about the new twitch
mobile app and all the updates plus some awesome streaming tips recommend
checking that video out or right after this one and until next time my friends
I will help you all in my next quick twitch tip video coming out real soon
take care and Peace!

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13 thoughts on “Twitch Dark Mode Tutorial – Desktop & Mobile (iPhone & Android)

  1. Already knew that but felt like I needed to comment to get this video more traction since most people don't know this.

    I love dark mode on EVERYTHING.

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