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Welcome to TravoConnect GDS We are Travel Agent’s Network and open market place for travel agents. Where Travel Agents can find best B2B Hotel Rates. On the Other Hand, Hotels get the platform to get connect with worldwide travel agents and Dashboard to market the hotel. Here we explain you, How ? First , you have to register your hotel with us. Now we are login on , One of our listed hotel profile. Please , Click on login and put your registered username and password. Now , Click on my Dashboard You can see here hotel profile, Make sure to offer Best B2B rates so that Travel Agents contact you directly. And you can also contact to Travel Agents and offer them your best B2B rates in a just single click. I will show you How ? Click on the Latest Agent Listing. Here you can see, All the travel agents listed with us And you can also find Travel Agents area wise You can see there a check box, Click on the check box you can see there a auto-generated message which you can also modify. Here you can offer Best rates and click on send This message will go directly to your selected travel agents Via : Email / SMS Not only this , you can also reach normal customers by TravoConnect Please click on my dashboard You can see there are two options – Email & SMS. Please click on SMS Here you can see customers data category wise You can add data in your room category Banquet category , Corporate category and Travel Agent Category. You can upload your customer data via Excel file or you can manually add data. Now Please click on rooms Here you can select customers by clicking on box & press on SMS Button. Here you can write to your customer to book your hotel directly and put your best offer in this and your contact details So that customers will get to know how to book rooms directly with you In a same way , you can email from your dashboard to your customers in just one click So TravoConnect is a solution to increase your hotel sale Hope to See you on TravoConnect ..

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