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8 thoughts on “Tom Rapoport (Harvard, HHMI) 2: How are cellular organelles shaped?

  1. your work is really great, I am fond of your work, I want to know about the molecular mechanics, how molecules move to the target, what makes them move,

  2. Does the GTP in the fusion GTPase drive collapse or does it reopen the protein for subsequent fusion?

    How do you cut slices that thin (30-40nm)? It turns out ice thickness is a big issue in cryoEM, so if there's a consistent way to get that thickness (ideally a little less) it'd be super useful.

  3. I have questions about the RNA molecule in living organisms

    The RNA molecule created DNA
    So through the process of division and cloning evolved single cell

    I have questions about the RNA molecule

    How was this molecule first formed on Earth?

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    How did this biological molecule evolve from non-living matter?
    What factors have helped to form this RNA molecule?
    Can a biological molecule be created in such harsh conditions?
    The fifth question about RNA
    Do you
    Can RNA copy itself?

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  4. Peptides and protein must be made from non-living matter
    We want to create cells of life from non-living materials
    All living organisms evolved from single-celled organisms

    How did life begin?
    Artificial cells should be made from non-living materials
    Peptides must be made from amino acids and then wait
    Then we wait for the evolution of peptides into proteins
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    organic chemistry

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  5. here you don't show how the organelles formed, you just explained what happens, if you really want to show us- how- you must explain why this 3d shape(and not other) is formed like this what is the force which forms this shape

  6. Fantastic talk about a poorly understood phenomena. Still, I wonder what role cytoskeletal proteins play in the organization of the ER. How are mRNAs spatially localized to specific locations within the ER and the cell?


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