The Art of the Ninja | Teen Titans Go! | Cartoon Network

Now, you. (GIGGLES) Aw, yeah. No. (ALL LAUGHING) Oh, yeah. The pops are so satisfying.
I cannot stop. (CLAMORING) Enough! Take your training seriously. We have to capture
that McGuffin. Everything depends on it.
Now, train! (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) Argh! Has anyone seen Beast Boy? Nah, I bet he’s being
all stealthy. Excellent. Then I was able
to get him to embrace
the ninja life. Oh, Robin. You truly
are the Ninja Master. I have been the wrong
to dismiss your affections. I have the in loveness
with you. (SOBBING) Yes. I… I knew it. I knew we would end
up together. -(SOBS)
-(SHUSHING) Ninja. (EXCLAIMS) (SCREAMS) Ha-ha! You’ve been
ninjaed, fool! Ah-a! -(ALL MUMBLING)
-I am very much the impressed. (SOBBING)
Well done, well done.

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