Tech Support: How to Reset InRouter900 Industrial Cellular Router?

hello everybody my name is George I am a
Technical Support Engineer in in hand networks and today we’re going to learn
how to reset this device: the InHand network InRrouter 900 series so
let’s get started. OK in this opportunity we’re going to reset this device this is
the InRouter 915 as you can see and the first thing you have to do is
looking for the reset hole. In this case the reset hole is this part in some
other devices the this hole can be in this part so we are going to press that
button but your device must be turned off okay
let’s turn off the device by unplug this cable okay we have to wait some seconds and
press the reset button and keep press it okay so we are going to wait until the
error LED, this, it is turn on, okay now I have press it and keep pressing this
button until the error LED is turning on we have to wait some seconds and now we release the button and we
press and keep pressing again and release the button again and the ERROR
will be flashing and that means your device is reset now. If you have more
question or comment about this video you can leave your message in the comment
box, please subscribe to this channel in order to see more videos like this thank
you so much for watching this video. I hope you have a good day, thank you

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