Spinal Muscular Atrophy Patient Little Daria from Romania Receives Cellular Therapy

We have already seen some improvements, not very big, but a lot of things that she wasn’t able to do first. Now she’s able to do it; like moving, things like these. She’s better. She’s getting better. We can see this. More force in her hands, she has more force. Her muscles have already become…starting to become stronger. We have to do more therapy. We are sure that she has to do a lot of therapy, Physiotherapy, and she is going to be better, much better. She had a Stem Cell implant, and that’s it. And ok and therapy like Physiotherapy and Aqua Therapy. This, we came here, immediately we arrived we already felt like home, let’s say. We never feel here like we are in a clinic, like in a hospital; because people are very nice; Very good people, the nurses, the doctors, everyone. We recommend everyone to come here with an open heart. Because I think that if we came from Romania that is 8.000 kilometers from Romania to here and We found all the staff and everything so well, so good; I guess that everyone should feel the same.

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