Skullcandy Push Review – Decent For Budget Truly Wireless Earbuds

Skullcandy has been pretty busy this second
half of 2018… they released their first ANC headphones the Skullcandy venue, they
released their Skullcandy Crusher 360… currently my favorite Bass Head Headphones… And now they’ve released their Skullcandy
Push… their first truly wireless ear buds. And considering their price point… theyre
not half bad. I think they’re a good option for an android
or iPhone user looking to go truly wireless without having to spend the big bucks but
they do bring some compromises. But first a word from one of partners The new skull candy Push truly wireless ear
buds have a retail price of $130… but on launch day they’re already on sale for $100. So take that as you will. Personally I do hope the Skullcandy Push continue
to go for $100 cause there are lot of other companies starting to put out more truly wireless
earbud at sub hundred price points. Namely Jam, J-Lab, and Anker. And for comparison’s sake, the apple AirPods
have a retail price of $160. But if you want to pick these ear buds I’ll
have links in the description below and if you use the links in really helps out the
channel. Now like I just mentioned, there are a lot
of other sub hundred dollar truly wireless ear buds out there… but I feel the Skullcandy
Push warrants their slightly higher price tag cause they have a slightly better build
and a slightly better user experience over their more afforable competitors. Even though it might not seem like a big deal
to so some, the Push’s charging case is using USB-C. And seeing USB-C on a pair of
budget friendly wireless ear buds is great cause if your phone charges with a USB C port,
you can charge your phone and ear buds with the same cable. This is one of the biggest reasons why people
love their AirPods so much, even me. Now the earbuds them selves have an advertised
battery life of 6 hours, and the case can supply an additional 6 hours of battery giving
these earbuds a combined battery life of 12 hours of playback time. Now a combined battery life of 12 hours isn’t
amazing compared to other truly wireless earbuds… But these earbuds’s continuous 6 hours of
playback time is. Cause AirPods top out at 5 hours and most
other bargin brands top out at around 3 hours of playback time. And I’ve noticed that I can go 2 days in
between charges with these earbuds. But for comparison when my AirPods were new
I could go about 4 to 5 days in between charges. But now since the batteries on my 2 year old
AirPods have degraded so severally I can only go about 2 days in between charges with them
now. Battery degradation is normal for all electronics…
but what I do want to point out about these truly wireless ear buds is that they don’t
have fast charging. And not a lot of other truly wireless earbuds
besides AirPods have meaning full fast charging. And having fast charging is very important
for wireless earbuds if you plan on going on long commutes with them on a regular basis. So just keep that in mind if you plan on picking
up a pair of truly wireless earbuds in general. Now when it comes to the over all build quality
of the case… its decent for a pair of $130 wireless earbuds. Now the only thing im worried about concerning
this case is accidentally snapping off the lid. But other than that I think this carrying
case is on par of that the Sony WF-SP700N, and jaybird run. Especially since the case magnetically attaches
to the earbuds. Something that Sony’s and Jaybird’s cases
don’t do and its one of those small important details you miss when you don’t have it
anymore. But definitely one of the biggest drawbacks
of this carrying case is its sheer size, its huge compared to the Airpod’s case… and
given its size I do wish it held more than just 6 additional hours of playback time. But now lets get to the earbuds themselves,
when I first took them out I was reminded of the Sony WH-SP700N. Their build quality is decent and I really
like how low profile they are compared to a lot of the wireless earbuds I’ve mentioned
so far. Now these are in ear ear buds and they come
with an additional 2 pairs of silicon ear tips. But interestingly enough, you don’t get
additional ear fins and the ear fins on the bud themselves aren’t removable. And personally, I wish we could at least remove
these ear fins… I just feel it could get in the way for some
people. But regardless, when it comes to fit these
earbuds stay in place very well and they produce a very good seal. And since they’re so light and low profile
they never wiggle out. But the most important thing the Skullcandy
push get right is their bluetooth connectivity. They’re rocking bluetooth 4.2, but more
importantly their connection stability is much better than other truly wireless earbuds
I’ve tested in the past cause you never hear any stuttering or crackling if you move
your head or if your phone is in your pocket. Now you’ll might get a connection drop if
theres a wall between the earbuds and your phone and if you move your head at just the
right angle but their connection is still very good. And they also have very little latency when
watching videos on your iphone. Is still there but its much less than most
other truly wireless earbuds that aren’t AirPods. But unfortunately the Skullcandy push don’t
have APTX support which only matters for android users cause iPhones insist on still using
the AAC codec. But I also noticed the Skullcandy Push did
have a considerable amount of latency when watching videos on my pixel 3… so android
users just be warned. But when it comes to sound quality… just
be warned these earbuds have A LOT of bass. I think I can confidently say these are some
of the bass heaviest wireless earbuds I’ve ever tested. The AirPods also have a lot of bass but no
where near as much as the push. And some people might like that and others
wont. Even though the bass is fun at times, it does
tend to over power the mids a lot. But more importantly the highs on these earbuds
never crash or get tinny which is good and typically does tend to happen on cheaper earbuds. Now, one of the things that always drew me
away from truly wireless earbuds was the lack of physical media controls. You always ended up only having partial media
controls and had to relay on your voice assistant to do the rest. Which isn’t always the most efficient. But Skullcandy tried their best to give you
full media controls with their new earbuds by having a multipurpose button on each earbud. First I want to say they nailed the actuation
pressure on these buttons. You don’t have to press to hard on these
button to get them to work which means they don’t dig into your ear canal like the Jaybird
Run do which is good. Now you can play or pause your music my pressing
once on either ear bud and you can adjust the volume up by double pressing on the right
ear bud. And if you want to lower the volume you can
double press the left ear bud. Now this isn’t as efficient as id like it
to be and I’ve found its still easier to just adjust your volume directly from your
phone. But if you want to skip a track you can press
and hold on the right ear bud for 3 second and if you want to restart a track you can
press and hold the left ear bud for 3 seconds. And if you want to summon your voice assistant
you can triple press on either ear bud. Even though Skullcandy tried their best to
bring you physical media controls on their truly wireless earbuds. I still think its clunky. I think it would better if pressing on either
ear bud once played or paused your music, double pressing on the right ear bud skipped
a track, double pressing the left ear bud went back a track, doing a press press and
hold on the right ear bud raised the volume until you released it, doing a press press
and hold on the left ear bud lowered the volume until you released it, and triple pressing
on either ear bud summoned your voice assistant. But when it comes to phone calls I think the
audio quality is pretty good. Its not as good as AirPods but it is a lot
better than even some headphones Ive reviewed recently. But just like most other truly wireless earbuds,
phone calls are only coming through the master ear bud, in this case the left ear bud. But over all, if Skullcandy decides to keep
selling their truly wireless ear buds for $100… I think they’re a decent buy at that price. Like I’ve said in the past, I’ve always
shied away from truly wireless ear buds especially for the gym cause their battery life wasn’t
always great, their cases were typically pretty clunky, connection stability was always an
issue, you had to give up your inline controller, but most importantly they were pretty expensive. Wireless earbuds from big name companies typically
retail for $150 and up. Thats why I still prefer to just use wired
bluetooth ear buds at the gym… they typically cost less than truly wireless earbuds, they
have better connection stability, they have longer battery lives with fast charging, and
they have that all important inline controller which I think is essential for when you’re
working out. But I do like to use truly wireless earbuds
for casual use like AirPods so I can listen to podcasts when im running errands, take
phone calls, or watch videos with. And I think Skullcandy is targeting the casual
use market with their wireless earbuds. The Skullcandy Push aren’t water or sweat
resistant and they aren’t meant to be used at the gym. Again reenforcing that casual use market. And I think the Skullcandy push are better
suited for casual use cause unlike the Bose Sound Sport Free, the Jaybird run, and Sony
WF-SP700N which are very clunky and cost more… the push don’t look out of place when you’re
wearing them in the checkout line at the grocery store. They also have a very long continuous playback
time of 6 hours which should easily last most people’s typical use session. The Skullcandy Push also have a very above
average microphone on them making them decent for phone calls and since their bluetooth
connectivity is very stable and have very little latency they’re decent for watching
videos on an iPhone. And again remember, these are one of the few
truly wireless earbuds that charge via a USB C port… which just compliments your new
android device beautifully.

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33 thoughts on “Skullcandy Push Review – Decent For Budget Truly Wireless Earbuds

  1. Great review! I’ve owned these since day one and agree on most of your points!! I use these with an iPhone and have to say, there’s little to no latency when watching videos. Keeping price in mind I think skullcandy nailed it for their first truly wireless entry and I’m excited to see what they do in the future. Thanks again for a great review!!

  2. You should review Jabra Elite 65t's, they cost only slightly more than these, sound great, sweat proof, BT5.0 and no lag on videos on Android.

  3. Have you tried the jabra elite 65t? If you're looking for good media controls, these can play/pause, control volume, skip/go back tracks, use your voice assistant and activate ambient sound mode all from the buttons on the earbuds. They're waterproof, use Bluetooth 5.0 with multi-device support, sound great with no latency, and have a pretty small charging case. Seems like they would check a lot of your boxes for truly wireless earbuds

  4. I use the these,they’re really nice (if you’re like me and mostly watch videos with them),I like them better than the Bose soundsport free!

  5. These earbuds are water resistant. It’s not stated in or on the packaging but it is stated on their website. I have sweated in them at the gym and they still work perfect. Good review tho.

  6. Great detailed review! However, it's out of my budget because it's not on promotion anymore now. How does the Push compared to another true wireless earbuds called Ascent Micro from a brand called Rowkin? The Rowkin Ascent Micro also support USB-C charging according to their official website, and it's below $100.

  7. Im getting these. They look better than those ugly ass airpod tampon shits. I've been a skullcamdy cutomer for YEARS so they've gpt my money.

  8. By the way when you get these airpods from Candy Skullcandy you should actually rip off the ear pieces because they won't work for you very well cuz when you run if you're doing a sport when you run you just everything just rips off your ears so you just might as well rip off the ear pieces and she popped them in and I'll stand for

  9. By the way you have a really good Channel I support you fully and this is like the channels that you do it's really nice so I'm really liking your content so have fun great

  10. skullcandy is just crappy. i bought the crusher 360. battery malfunction
    since first day. sent them back. in trade for the 299$ headphones, they
    offered me a "voucher" about 150$ for the online shop. like a bad joke!
    i lost 150$ in one day… f'ck skullcandy. they dont care about
    customer support or warranty.

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