Review – iPhone XR (NOT a “Cheap” iPhone)

Ever Since Apple announced the iPhone XR,
people have been calling it the “cheap” or “budget” iPhone.
However, the notion that a $749 phone is “cheap” is redicious. At the beginning, I was one of the people doubting
the quality of this phone. In actuality, this phone is really an iPhone XS with slightly different camera, build quality, and screen technology. The iPhone XR does have lower PPI then the
iPhone 8 Plus. This is one of those decisions that at face
value doesn’t make much sense. Why would a phone have a worse screen in a
newer phone? Before I got the XR, I had been using the
8 Plus. I noticed zero difference in the quality of
the screen. The iPhone XR actually seems slightly brighter
than the 8 Plus. Now why is this? Pixel density on a phone eventually doesn’t
matter. The quality of the screen technology is much
more important. Brightness, contrast, true blacks, color gamete,
and just how sharp the display looks are more important than how many pixels you can fit
in a screen that’s already “retina” quality. To most people, the screen won’t seem “worse”
when compared to the 8 or 8 Plus, but it definitely will seem poor when compared to the X
That’s because while the XS has an AMOLED panel, this phone has an LCD screen. Things just don’t pop as much as they do
on the XS. This phone doesn’t have a second lense on
the back of the phone, and you can do a focus blur on people, not objects. I understand that a lot of people love taking
photos, but rely on their phone. I’m one of those people. But to me, picture quality doesn’t honestly
mater as long as it doesn’t look like crap. Both phones take great pictures, and I’d
imagine that the average person won’t be picking a phone based off the camera quality. The frame of the phone is aluminum. It doesn’t feel cheap by any means, but
the stainless steal definitely feels more durable. I will say that the positive to having aluminum
is that fingerprints don’t show up as much on the sides of the phone. The phone is also the sweet spot for me. It’s not too large that it’s hard to operate
like the XS max, and it’s not too small either. This phone is the only model that comes in
this form factor. Because this phone uses an LCD panel, and
LCD panels cannot bend, the besels on this phone are slightly larger. I did notice it, but from day to day usage,
I quickly couldn’t tell much of a difference. It’s still a vastly large improvement over
the previous iPhone models. Some people compared this to the iPhone 5C. I honestly don’t think that’s a fair comparison. To me, it’s like going from an iPhone 6
to an iPhone 6S. It has slightly better specs, but costs more. The only difference is that the price to go
from a XR to a Xs is $250, and to a Xs Plus, that’s another $100. $350 is a big price jump, especially compared
to the discounted rates Apple creates for previous generation phones. Plus the iPhone XS comes with some really
cool colors. I really like product red phones because they’re
sharp, and provide a small portion of money towards a good cause. You can’t get a Product Red iPhone XS – at
least not yet. If you don’t care about a screen quality
upgrade, don’t care about titanium, and don’t care about a slightly better camera,
this is going to be a good choice for you. $250 is a big price difference. Unless you have the money to spend, I think
the iPhone XR is a good choice for most people. If you get AppleCare and a nice case, that’s
easily another $250. $1250 or $1350 is a lot of money for a phone. Sure other companies have expensive phones,
but look at the OnePlus 6T. Think about how much more an iPhone XS costs. So with that $250 you’re saving, you could
upgrade your storage (which I would recommend), get AppleCare+, and a nice case. A US case company called iPulse reached out
to me and actually sent me one of their hand crafted leather cases. With every case that’s purchased, a portion
of revenue goes to supporting Unicef. This specific case is their Flip Wallet with
the Vintage Book style. I’m not a huge fan of the phone wallets,
but I do think they can be convent. I personally would prefer the black or red
color. They run for around $30-$40. Considering they’re hand made with hand
leather, function as a wallet, is USA made, and supports charity, I’m a fan of this
company. For those who are interested in this case,
I’ll have a link in the description, and viewers can get a 20% discount when they use
the promo code “iPulse20”. In order to be successful, apple needs to
promote the XS without bashing the XR so much that neither phone ends up selling as well
as they hoped. The iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR share most of
the features you want in an iPhone. Because of color selection, device size, a
much lower price tag, with most of the same features, this is my choice
of iPhone for 2018.

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