Now in Android: 01 – Room, KTX Extensions, AndroidX, Conference Videos, ADB podcast & more!

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42 thoughts on “Now in Android: 01 – Room, KTX Extensions, AndroidX, Conference Videos, ADB podcast & more!

  1. We need to go more in depth with logic
    Something like communicating with a USB serial, or a device through wifi etc.. these fields are important too

  2. Great info 👍 I have been reading the Medium articles for a while, but I do prefer this format with the ability to go back to the Medium article.

  3. Why not do the same for ADB. I don't really follow it because it is only in podcast format, but a video format would be great!

  4. sounds good. i got good tips (mainly about liveData builder and Coroutines) from earlier videos. so keep these coming please.

  5. Would be cool to have timecodes of topics and links right in the video description/podcast shownotes. Probably several minutes of work, but would make it easier to navigate the content

  6. You are destroying Android with all the restrictions and removed features. If we wanted iPhones, we would get iPhones. Leave Android alone!

  7. How about a video that picks out the top APIs in the KTX and briefly mentions what they are good for. With so many in that library, it can take a lot of time to go through them all.

  8. Whats about migration in Room ? I found ObjectBox is far better than the Room because ObjectBox handle migration itself inside.

  9. Rate me when I'm done ,Apple has to many flaws .however after discovering relevant knowledge inside Google chrome legally and sending feed back .I stopped there .let's create an awesome world for the future ,I'm going all googled out 😎👈

  10. Now in Android should be a separate official Android related YouTube channel in itself.
    Like to make this comment highlighted so that we can have 'Now in Android' YouTube channel.

  11. I really like the new format. It would be a great idea to make a separate channel for such podcasts. Thanks Chet!

  12. The Motion Editor has still many bugs. If you create a complex layout it always gets stuck. I've never been able to create a real layout with the Motion Editor.

  13. Do not tell me to live, u don’t know what that means to me. Be honest about intentions is the only way to build a solid foundation. Being dishonest is disrespectful.

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