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76 thoughts on “New Surface Pro X – Create, connect, and publish from anywhere

  1. I hope that arm professor doesn’t disappoint and I hope they have a good Black Friday deal. Like a free keyboard or something

  2. Is this a good deal for people who want to get into graphic designing? Because im very interested. Any better options at the same price or below?

  3. My concern is it will not run software that I rely on. Their web sites makes clear it is not 100% compatible with all windows software.

  4. Can anybody please make a video about surface smoothness on digital painting ???

    I might switch from ipad pro if this (or any other type) can perform equal.

  5. Uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm

    Artists will rather stick to the older models cuz a flat pen is anything but comfy for illustration and comics.

  6. Please make Windows 10 S as an option for this device. I absolutely love the UWP apps and for ARM Windows 10 S would be much better.

  7. Can you stop releasing 30 second ads every other day and let the reviewers do their thing so we can actually get a good look at the product?

  8. I am a graphic designer and I have been using Surface pro 4 for almost 2 years now. I am thoroughly satisfied with the overall performance of the machine but the only big problem is the Alcantara fabric used in the keyboard. It starts peeling off within a year and in tropical climate like that of India it's even severe. I do not have a slightest scratch in my laptop and it still looks brand new but the ugly keyboard has ripped off its looks. Sorry Microsoft! The fabric is really not working. A lot of people have the same complaint. It's time to replace it with a durable alternative. Come up with a good one and I will place an order the very next moment.

  9. My laptop broke today, it fell from my desk and shattered into pieces, anyone willing to donate this poor soul any money for new laptop, it will be ur good deed. Amen

  10. Its funny when people talk about thunderbolt. The advantage of thunderbolt 3 is connect to eGPU. But, most people didnt have eGPU or dont have money to buy. How many your friends have eGPU? Nowadays most devices use USB C. USB C has become the industry standard, your smartphone, external device, charger port.

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