NETWORK – Short Film [4K] (Eng Sub)

2038 Google is not just a search engine anymore. The perniciously expanding company has secretly developed an infamous strategy to dominate the whole humanity Google’s headquarter has become the center of the world. You may feel safe and confortable in your seats… But aren’t you like us all? Google’s prisoners? Sarah Google’s youngest employee Since 2035’s Big Hack, she disapproves of their methods and ends up resigning from her job. Here’s Ben, Black Nigger to you. – Welcome to the Resistance This is Curtis, reefer specialist. – Hi Miss… Brody: Staff Sergeant from 2nd battalion of the 37th Marine Corps. Lil’ Joe there, well, that’s me. – I can smell a 4 seasons Pizza! Are you serving Alexandro? – (italian) Son of a bitch! Fuck you! My name is Alessssandro! Wallace, the hacker – (italian) Ohh… Shit Attention! Listen you scum bags, we’re close to the target no more fun. Sarah, Ben must have kept you up-to-date with the situation. We’ve already done a few attacks on Google but this time next week, it will be the last one. Listen kid! we’re here to dismantle Google, not have a laugh! – So we’re gonna make a bomb yeah?! – Old Skool. – So, what are the groups for tomorrow? – I was thinking, Wallace will deal with the virus, he will stay in the van with Lil’ Joe Sarah and I will go to Nevralgique Bridge you and Curtis will be in charge of the firewalls with the sergeant. – Man, stop messing around, you’re not teaming me up with this fucking racist! I’m gonna kill you! – Stop it!! – This fucking man is breaking my balls! – So guys, what do we do now? – Don’t worry he’ll come back. – Curtis! – They’re not going to fuck right here, are they! – Tonight Lil’ Joe you stay behind but tomorrow you’ll be in charge. – When are you coming back Grandad? – Ok guys, do you copy? – Loud and clear. – Shit my badge has been deactivated. – (italian) Thank you Wallace. – The alarm is now deactivated. Ok guys, this is where we split, good luck. In theory, Google has backups everywhere in Europe. I have to send a virus through their firewall to hack in. After that, you can blow anything you like. You’ll have to split in groups. There are three firewalls they have to be deactivated at the same time otherwise a mechanical relay system will trigger a silent alarm. Three, two, one. – Tonight Lil’ Joe you stay behind but tomorrow you’ll be in charge. – You gave me good advice Grandad, you would be proud of what I’ve become. Thanks to Mathieu Karsenti for the subtitles and the original soundtrack !

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17 thoughts on “NETWORK – Short Film [4K] (Eng Sub)

  1. LOL MONSIEUR MOCOTEL MON HERO XD best prof d'histoire ever, et ce tallent d'acteur, court metrage a partager xD

  2. Bluffant… Y'a de l'idée dans le scénario, une bonne "chute" et de belles images, les effets spéciaux tiennent largement la route, la bande son aussi. Le tout en jette assez. Bravo! Bonne route à ceux d'entre vous qui continueront dans le cinéma…

  3. Awesome work.  You have yourself a new subscriber!!  Please sub back.  And be sure to check out our channel for comedy web series and parody commercials.

  4. This is great. A bit confusing for me at a few points, but awesome nonetheless. I like the story line and all the effects. Great work.

  5. Thanks for the English sub. What 4K camera do you use? It has a pretty high bit rate too… But probably too expensive

  6. je sais pas qui dislike quelque chose comme ça mais les personnes la devrais avoir honte ce sont des fdp .
    moi je dit c super bien bon son bonne relisations et tout est parfais on sais qui vas a new york maintenant XD

  7. Super réalisation !!!
    Avec un Sergent Brody qui envoie le pâté et un final parfait !
    Continuez comme ça

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