Logitech MX ERGO Advanced Wireless Trackball


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64 thoughts on “Logitech MX ERGO Advanced Wireless Trackball

  1. Thanks goodness! I've been using the trackball previous gen. I was about to develop wrist pain n almost carpal tunnel n thanks to the track ball my wrist r now totally pain free. Trust me I'm a designer n i was skeptical in using my thumb but turns out it's so much better than expected once u pick it up.

    Trackball mouse should stays, or even better…. It should b a standard!

    Glad that logitech refreshed this model

  2. lol theres a typo in description "Delivers 20% muscular strain compared to a regular mouse. " should it not be 20% less?

  3. I got my hands on the MX Ergo and just uploaded a quick overview on my channel if anyone is interested. It's a great trackball! 👍🏼

  4. Was going to order one right now to replace my aging M570s, until I realized it doesn't come with the frictionless scroll wheel 🙁

  5. The Elecom M-XT3DRBK will be better, still. I made the switch, worth the wait. I have yet to remove the trackball to clean it due to tracking issues and sticking from use unlike the MX570 which feels like a cheap mouse from the early 90s by comparison. Ive stopped wasting my money on Logitech.

  6. I can't praise the M570 enough – bought one earlier this year and it quickly reversed the effects of the RSI I suffered with for so long. When is the MX Ergo coming to the UK? Can't wait to try it out.

  7. I'm very hopeful about this trackball. I have been using the same Logitech Trackman Marble for more than a decade, and have even stockpiled extra ones I found on eBay because it's the only device I can use for long periods of time without wrist pain. I tried later Logitech track balls and they did not work for me — it was always the wheel that ruined the ergonomics. The model I use has no wheel, and therefore no pain. If you ever need a highly-sensitive beta tester for future devices, look me up.

  8. M570 fans, rejoice! hopefully the build quality is good, I use my M570 every day and they only last about a year for me until the buttons stop responding, I've gone through about 4 of them!

  9. @Logitech does this use optical tracking for the sensor? What are the available dpi options? Better yet, if you know the name of the sensor I would really appreciate that. Asking for a friend who swears by trackball mice.

  10. I'm still a bit perturbed that the Trackman FX was abandoned (software wise) in Win 7-10.
    Mine does still work (but not the fourth button), and I use it daily.
    Not certain I need a new device at this time, but this is intriguing!
    I do wonder (like others) what is the difference between the regular and the PLUS models?

  11. It is a pity, it still dies not compare to the old MS track ball which I still use they need to add the 2 side buttons instead of up down buttons. This lack of hw feature has always turned me off towards LT mice.

  12. As much as I love most things coming from Logitech, there are some serious features missing and a few steps backwards compared to the Logitech M570

    1) Why are you using a Built in Rechargeable Lithium Battery that is only 500 mAh?? The old M570 let's you use a standard AA battery and my Costco common grade Eneloop batteries has 1950 mAh in it that can last for nearly 18 months of use. That's a huge step backwards no matter how you look at it.

    Proprietary Lithium Battery that is built in is a huge Negative IMO.

    Not using the standard AA or AAA battery is a huge Negative as well.

    2) I have a beef with your stingyness of DPI resolution and capability, really 320-440 dpi are the only options we get? The Logitech M570 gets 540 dpi. Regular Day to Day mice gets around 800 dpi. I'm not asking for gaming grade mice, but seriously, can you not be so stingy and give us at least 1000 DPI and settings in increments of 50 dpi while having the ability to handle high grade acceleration from the ball?

    Your Logitech G602 that I've been using for years is way cheaper than this and offers up to 2500 DPI.

    You couldn't be bothered to give us a little bit more?

    3) And seriously sticking to the 5 button mouse + Scroll/Tilt Wheel only?

    You couldn't even give us the Fly Wheel Button Option if you're going to limit it to a basic 5 button mouse?

    Most modern users can make better use of multiple buttons, add in even a Ring Finger button like on your G600 line and make it programmable for cripes sake.

    You could easily put 3 buttons that are programmable and different shaped on the left side of the Left-Click button or even on the right side of the Right-Click button.

    Stop being stingy on extra buttons


    Or at least go back to making them like the perfect Logitech Optical Trackman with the CENTER ball. I've used those for about 15 years now and it's the most wonderful device ever. I have rheumatoid arthritis and the thought of trying to use a thumb wheel is painful. I'm so sad they just keep making them all thumb controlled when so many people can't use them when they are designed this way.

  14. Logitech, PLEASE make a corded USB version of this! I am still using a corded Trackman Wheel and I picked up a Sanwa clone as a backup incase this dies. I tried your wireless trackball but it is horrible for CPU loading, especially on CPU intensive applications. It would stutter and stall. I never have this problem with the Trackman Wheel. Other trackball users I know have the same problem.

    If you make a corded USB version of this I will buy it on day 1. If it's wireless only I'm going to have to pass again. There is a market for this. Let me love you again, Logitech!

  15. Can we get a better explanation of what the difference between MX ERGO and MX ERGO PLUS is than "The Logitech MX ERGO can tilt 0 to 30 degrees on the Logitech MX ERGO PLUS."? This doesn't make much sense as the MX Ergo and MX Ergo Plus are presented as two different models on the product page, but this answer sounds like it's telling you to put one mouse on top of the other mouse. What?

  16. I got all excited because I miss using my trackball since I upgraded to the new macbook pro. And then I find that you still use a nano receiver instead of going 100% bluetooth, and it's NOT usb-c. Oh well. I guess I'll have to break down and get a wireless mouse from apple. Which sucks, because I love my trackball, but you don't meet my needs anymore.

  17. Logitech…you manufacture mice for soooo long….can't you come up with switches that last for more than 2 years? I know you want us to buy more frequently but after all these years and all these failed switches the time will come that people will look elsewhere…..

  18. I think i have 5 mx570s and they're around $25. I don't have a need to spend $100 on a trackball mouse. This is a bit much.

  19. The Cordless TrackMan FX – is still THE best trackball ever made. It's the only one ever with a huge, 2 inch ball for perfect control – unlike all the thumb-operated and smaller trackballs. It was discontinued about two decades ago, but it is still loved by people who know and use trackballs. IF you can find a used one, they go for a rip-off price of $200.-$300. because of great demand but no supply. PLEASE update THAT trackball – it was the best by far – but if it had a scroll wheel and additional control buttons it would dominate the trackball and controller world.

  20. I'm looking forward to trying/owning one in the UK (whenever that happens?!), but somewhat cautious due to owning 'every single +Logitech Trackball' over three times each, due to long-term quality and performance issues making last not much more than a year. +Logitech's Customer Services in the UK have been awful in the recent years, so I gave up and moved on to using a couple of great alternative brands meanwhile, however I'm still very interested in the *MX Ergo*, if and when it happens in the UK 😸

    However (again) the MX Ergo is £100 GBP in the UK, so buying every 18 months (if it fails as often as the previous models) is not going to be cheap or fun at all… my +Logitech graveyard is already max'ed out: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1DgRlPpWo8ozFnW63 and a costly one too 😒

    Also… anyone know the difference between the MX Ergo and *MX Ergo PLUS*? There's nothing on +Logitech's website or Amazon 🤔

  21. Very glad to see Logitech has remembered this market. Also to my knowledge the first Trackball from a major manufacturer that supports bluetooth. Definitely one for my christmas list. I use an older Trackman Wheel on my game system, and an M570 at work. Been tempted to replace the old one with an M570 for the additional buttons, but the M570 is just a bit smaller to my hand. Also found the current scroll wheels a bit lacking for gaming, so the new one look promising.

  22. It's nice to see some attention being given to this segment, and it's nice to see that Logitech has produced a premium thumb-operated trackball. Unfortunately after using mine for a while, I'm find that I'm not really a big fan of the MX Ergo.

    Even though the top surface of the MX Ergo is slightly larger than the M570, this trackball is even tougher than its predecessor on users with large hands. After trying multiple configurations and hand positions, I find that the only way to make using it somewhat comfortable is to prop up the back end of the trackball. I'm currently doing that by using the plus version's angled stand rotated sideways. That allows my hand to rest further back, so my thumb is not bent at an extreme angle while trying to touch the ball.

    I think there are several factors that combine to make this issue especially bad for the MX Ergo. Because of the tilt feature, the tip of the trackball is raised up in the air to provide clearance when rocking back and forth. That means if you rest your hand further back, your wrist has to be bent. The top surface of the MX Ergo is also more cupped in general than the M570, which contributes to the bending of the wrist. So to avoid that, you want to move your hand further up on the top of the trackball, allowing your wrist to be straight. But that comes at the aforementioned cost to your thumb, which will start cramping up quickly when it is bent so sharply (and having it bent like that can't be overly ergonomic, either).

    It also would be great if the charging cable also doubled as a data cable for when you would prefer to be using a wired device anyway. As it is, the MX Ergo requires occupying two USB ports if you want to use it and charge it at the same time.

  23. Finally a Bluetooth trackball! Can use it on my tablet now! And keep it in my lap or under covers during the winter time… Don't need no stinkin desk or table!


    Ever since Logitech released their first wireless trackball, EVERY MODEL has suffered from the same problem: FAILURE OF THE LEFT-BUTTON MICRO SWITCH – usually just after the warranty expires. Logitech has been aware of this problem for years, but refuses to let go of their planned obsolescence in order to keep you buying their junk, which engineered to fail.

    AVOID THIS NEW MODEL AT ALL COST, unless you just like throwing money at Logitech.

  25. Where can I buy it D: Im from Mexico, I bougth my trackball M570 on amazon MX, and I rarely go to USA to Best Buy and Fry's.

  26. @logitech we are waiting years for USB-C universal receiver https://community.logitech.com/s/question/0D55A00007B69TZ/usbc-unifying-receiver?s1oid=00Di0000000j2Ck&s1nid=0DB31000000Go9U&emkind=chatterCommentNotification&s1uid=005i0000004SK4O&emtm=1552249212656&fromEmail=1&s1ext=0

  27. been using this for about 3 months now. Took a good while to get used to it (first time user here) and now finally I'm really loving it. No more running out of desk space! And…. surprisingly I can use it for gaming too?!

  28. Nice video, my Mx Ergo plus cursor just started lagging out of the blue on the screen. I cannot figure out what's wrong. I made sure the precision button was turned off. Have charged the battery full. I have popped the ball out & cleaned it. I have went into setting & moved trackball speed around. The sad thing is, it's only 2 1/2 weeks old. I'm using it on a Macbook pro. Have you experience anything like that with your Mx Ergo?

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