iPhone 9 Leaks , AirPods Lite & iPad Pro – March 2020

There have been major major leaks this week
I’m actually overwhelmed by how much news we have actually retained only..
Introducing the iPhone 9 which is not the real design guys don’t worry Cameras (3) is
added into the next generation of iPad pro 3 cameras in fact so that is pretty
revolutionary end and the exclusive introduction to air pods light you guys
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the German website have stated that the March event will be on the 31st so
expect iPhone 9 and other particular products to be released on April the 3rd
it will be April the 4th I’ll probably be making a joke out of it but it’s a
pretty controversial topic because many of you were probably uncertain of when
we would see this event due to recent things that have happened
iPhone nine League that you guys saw at the beginning of my video for me it was
pretty understandable buying the designs of the iPhone SE and the iPhone 5s and
also thousand eleven in terms of the color I really like that and I wanted to
point out for you we could also be seeing a similar model like the iPhone 8
so don’t expect major changes in the build and vintage changes in the phone
itself xsg PCP everything will be performed well and will be increased
maybe they put in a 14 chip I’m not sure but I think I achieved device and that a
cheaper price sacrifices have to be on to the iPad pro so the next generation
will be obviously able to see an improved display technology quicker
charging better face IDs or quicker face ID more RAM and of course longer battery
life like everyone wants to have great battery life highly respected Apple
analyst Ming chin ku has stated that the camera is likely to also have a 3d
picture system measures the time it takes light to bounce off the objects
and it creates a 3d render or 3d picture development also states that we will be
seeing which I pad pro devices which could have many LED screens instead of
LEDs would be much more energy efficient so the iPad pros would that screen tech
could be thinner and lighter than current models not only we could be
seeing a 5g iPad release this year but also we
we’ll be seeing price ranges drop and increases if you are wondering what
prices will be distributed across these devices expect a very pricey difference
between different devices it’s working about the airport’s because Apple is
actually introducing air pods like now I don’t know what they’re going to add in
there and I’m not making many assumptions they’re basically Airport
pros but without the wireless charging case that’s something that comes into my
mind in terms of keeping you know the price ranges fairly steady because for
those of you who are interested in airports but can’t afford the higher
quality ones and the higher price ranges this one is good wouldn’t your tech
radar the latest leaks suggest that the next generation of MacBook Pro will be
12% higher in terms of CPU and GPU into a core i7 will be introduced into the
next generation of MacBook Pro as well now put links in the description box
down below for those of you who actually want to read down the articles and want
to read the leaks that have been introduced you guys a picture of the
actual comparisons between CPU and GPU of the newest MacBook Pro 2020 some of
the results that we’ve seen a new scene here of staggering percent higher in
terms of CPU 12 percent higher in terms of GPU and all of the other components
are basically much more advanced that what we’ve seen in the previous decades
I’ve created the playlist for this specific section if you guys are
interested in anything Apple related for this particular topic I’ll obviously be
updating as soon as possible many leaks and many changes and many features to
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links in the description box down below See You Next Time!

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