iPhone 6 Battery Replacement in 4 Minutes

All right, today I’m going to show you how
to replace the battery in your iPhone 6. If you want to watch any of these other repair
videos, go ahead and click the links in that menu. Here’s the iPhone 6. We’re going to
go ahead and turn it off and then we’re going to take out the bottom screws. They’re a Pentalobe
screw, and if you don’t have a Pentalobe screwdriver go ahead and check the video description,
I’ll link some tools and replacement parts there for you. Take a suction cup and lift
up on the screen just a little bit, and then you can take a pry tool, metal or plastic,
and lift up on the metal frame of the screen itself, so you don’t bend it too much. Because
if you bend the screen, it’s going to crack, and then you have a much more expensive repair.
Lift the screen up, and then you are going to want to remove the screen for this. So
there’s five screws on this metal plate. Remove the metal plate. Because you get a little
aggressive when you’re trying to pull the battery out of the phone. Because of the way
it’s glued down. Anyway, there’s four little ribbing cables, just kind of like little LEGOs,
that you unsnap from the main board. So lift those off and then the screen comes loose
from the phone. Once again, replacement parts are in the video description. You can check
those out. Now the battery is held down by one little ribbing cable. It’s underneath
this metal plate, so take off those two screws and remove the metal plate. And then unclip
the little battery connector right here. Now this is the part where it gets a little bit
harder. The battery is glued inside of the phone so you want to warm up the phone a little
bit from the back. Do it long enough that the heat seeps through and gets through the
glue, so do it for probably, you know, a minute or two. But don’t let the phone get too hot
so you can’t touch it anymore because at that point you’ll start damaging components. So
just warm up the phone long enough to melt the glue in the back. Anyway, I’m not going
to edit any part of this out, I’m just going to speed it up a little bit so you can see
how hard it is to get the battery out. You want to pry up but just make sure you don’t
pry it against anything important or slip too far underneath the battery or you might
slice some of the ribbing cables that go to the volume buttons or the power buttons. So
just kind of wedge it under there and then pry up a little bit. But be super careful.
Still just lifting the battery up, there’s an incredible amount of glue under here. It
gets kind of ridiculous at this point. Try to leave as much glue inside of the phone
as possible. That way, you don’t have to reuse any sticky tape, you can just reuse the same
glue again. Anyway, now that the glue is unstuck from the battery you can check out this identity
crisis. It says 6.91 and 7.01 on the batteries. I guess Apple couldn’t make up their mind
on how big the battery itself was. Anyway if your glue is still in there you can reuse
it, otherwise grab some double sided sticky tape and just stick it back down. Make it
enough that the battery doesn’t shift around while you’re using your phone or while it’s
in your pocket. Go ahead and rip off the back of the sticky tape. And then plug the battery
back in, and then set the battery back into its little slot. I plug it in first just so
it’s lined up with the connection points. Now I’m going to put the metal bracket back
on along with the two little screws. And then I can plug in the screen again. Each of these
little connectors are going to snap in just like a little LEGO piece. Just work your way
down and then get this last one right here for the front camera. And then screw in that
metal plate with the five screws again. Anyway, pretty straightforward, fold the screen down.
You’re going to want to line up the top of the screen with the phone first, making sure
it’s flush, and then you can kind of just pinch your way down the sides of the phone
snapping it back into place. But if the top isn’t lined up, the connections aren’t going
to be lined up either. Get the two screens in the bottom there, and there you go. If
you have any questions, make sure to leave them in the comments, don’t forget to like
if this video helped you, and don’t forget to subscribe. It does mean a lot. Hope to
see you around. Thanks for watching.

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100 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Battery Replacement in 4 Minutes

  1. The problem is, one still needs the skill of a brain surgeon, plus some tools they might not own. Now that it's 2019, none of the major smartphones (Androids and iPhones) have user replaceable batteries except for some of the inexpensive prepaid models. I miss the days where you were able to snap the back cover off, swap the battery, and you're good to go.

  2. Apple "We care about the environment"
    Also Apple "We will solder and glue everything down so you have to replace the entire machine and waste as much stuff as possible"

  3. Dr Jerry rig
    Any chance to break iCloud locked phone.. Some people's forget there apple ID and password so.. Is that possible to unlock iCloud

  4. Just an update for those that have tried or will attempt to remove the battery. There are 2 half inch tabs on the bottom of the battery that you can peel back like a hinged tab. I suggest removing the 2 screws for the vibration motor and set that aside. Unhinge the 2 tabs and pull out carefully and as straight as you can. These are factory glue strips that come out similar to command strips. They will appear to stretch very long but once you get to the end of each one the battery will just fall out. Most replacement batteries come with new glue strips…


  6. A little black rubber piece fell out while dismantling everything. It has a small hole in it so I'm guessing it belongs with a screw.
    Can anyone tell me where it goes because I'm thinking of just leaving it out and accepting whatever risk that comes by not having it

  7. This is SO much better than the Yontex video. They said to remove the vibrator and pull the adhesive strips out. I almost ruined my phone trying to do that. The tools in the Yontex kit are crap and I couldn't get the last screw off 😬 I pulled the strips out without removing the vibrator first and one of them snapped. I wish I had known I didn't need to remove the vibrator or even pull the strips out in the first place 🤦‍♀️
    I made a mess and now I have a new battery but there are two blue stains on my screen and for some reason I can't make WhatsApp video calls 🤷‍♀️

  8. Thanks so much for this video! i wanted to replace my terrible battery, but didn't want to pay for someone else to replace it for me, and without this video, i would have been lost 🙂

  9. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, MY iPhone 6 died, wasn't sure if it was the battery but I had it for a while, and needed it to make more income, it died last week, and thank god, it was indeed the battery, just had a hunch, the battery was acting weird, the wait for shipment was worth it, waiting for it to come while not knowing was indeed a risk, I absolutely didn't have the money to go and buy an upgrade right now, but the part was $6 eBay and waited and hope for 5 days, part came super early today and I followed this video and wasn't worried because battery was glued I mean super glued on but switch it out, and THANK GOD SERIOUSLY, MY iPhone is back on and ready to go at 76% so lucky for me, it was the battery, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE ELSE. It's WORTH DOING IT.

  10. DONT REMOVE SCREEN – I undid the two screws, opened the screen 90 degrees, taped it to a box to stop it opening any further. Undid the two battery screws NOTE they are different sizes, disconnect battery. Pulled out the adhesive strips and the battery is free. Put new adhesive strips on and reassemble . I had never done it before and it took 5 mins. Bought the whole kit of battery and tools together on ebay for £9

  11. Brilliant video, I'm very glad you posted, I just replaced my battery on my phone, ignore stupid comments you are a top notch.

  12. I did all of this but when I go to turn it on in the top of the scream there is a grey patch and it keeps saying the apple sign and then going of again help me ?!??!???!

  13. Brilliant vid, though the phone i have is slightly different than yours it worked perfectly, but at 60 years old, and the size of the screws and the state of my eyes, i'll let someone else do it next time. Ha ha. Thanks again.

  14. Fantastic instructional video, you could not ask for a more clear process and especially where you emphasise the difficulty in removing the screen and battery and using hairdryer really was the only way to move it the glue tabs were as good as under the battery.

    Took me 32 minutes start to finish as I’ve not done anything like it before and damned if I was paying Apple 3.5 times the price of a £20 battery and then shipping on top.

  15. Thank You very much!!! The video was helpful and I was able to easily swap battery. The only uneasy step is prying the old battery out from the case. As explained be careful but take note it does take a bit of pressure to remove. The components are a bit more resilient than one would think. Yes i wouldn't encourage everyone to go for it without some mechanically inclined abilities. Saved about 25.00 bucks well worth it!!!

  16. Thank you this video. It helped me successfully change the battery. Very much appreciate you taking the time to do this video,

  17. DON'T heat the battery! It can catch on fire! Instead, remove the vibrating module below the battery and slowly pull out the strips from the bottom.

  18. Thanks for this helpful concise video. I would add that you can pull the two white sticky pieces out from under the original battery instead of using heat to try to warm up the glue strips. I don't like applying heat to a battery. Also, I'd recommend that the original battery be discharged as much as possible before removal, as it is not terribly difficult to pierce that battery as you (carefully) lift it up to access the glue strips. Those white glue strips actually stick together pretty well. When you grasp at it with a small tool, try not to let it rip, but if you get a big enough piece started, the whole nine yards will come out, with patience. Ensure you dispose of properly according to local regulations.

  19. There are lots of iphone6 battery manufacturers company what is the ideal battery yet I might not be getting the original battery!!

  20. If I try this, I will feel like my phone isn’t full Apple or I won’t feel it’s complete? Yes. I’ am that kind. 0~0

  21. Followed it step by step.  I used an flat edge of a putty knife to cut the glue holding the battery.  One note to those who try to re-use the glue such as I did.  You may want to cut the folded glue out of the case compartment before putting the battery back.  This will keep the pressure on the battery uniform and will make the replacement battery last longer.

  22. Pretty helpful, A warning about the different length screws would be good. Also, there are 2 tabs at the bottom of the battery and if you peel them, without heating the phone, you can gently pull them and the self adhesive lets go just like the ones you put on your wall for pictures and can remove them without damage.

  23. Very professional & well done sir! Phone works perfect. Those super tiny screws were tough on my 69 year old eyes but the magnetized tool in the Yontex battery kit helped big time.

  24. Thanks, success! Yes, 1 of the 5 screws (by the edge) is longer. Peeling up and pulling the adhesive tabs out might work occasionally, but don't rely on it, especially now that these units are quite aged.

  25. Yep, agreed everything took me longer than this video, just go slow and you will get it. I did not have a heat gun, so I put down a towel on a frying pan, then the phone – lowest setting and heated up the phone… save yourself the hassle and let it warm up a bit before taking the battery off. You have to be very careful with those tinny screws, lost one somewhere in the phone.

  26. DO NOT remove the battery this way. pull the 2 black tabs at the bottom of the battery way easier safer and you dont destroy the old battery

  27. Pretty straight forward tutorial, you failed to mention however that we have to be very careful with the display contacts. I now have an iPhone 6 with a new battery but with a malfunctioning screen 🙁

  28. Hi Jerry, thanks for the video that helped me changed my iPhone 6 battery. I found the battery adhesive is easily removed by pulling on some black tabs on the end of the battery that pulls the glue out like 3M wall mount hooks. Cheers and I appreciate your videos

  29. i like your video,quick ,clear ,no bullshit but i wouldnt use metal for any prying and always disconnect batteries first ,also before prying out the battery you are supposed to attempt to pull out the glue with the two tabs at the bottom of the battery thus elminating the need to pry it out,still liked the video,calm ,collective voice.
    You should be in radio annoincing or something or use your voice for …"ladies and gentlmen please put on your lifejackets as for all four engines have just exploded and we unfortunately have to ditch in the bermuda triangle,we apoligize for the inconvenience,you may now turn on your IPhones air call your loved ones if you like.
    Thank you for remaining calm and flying with air Kazakastan."lol.

  30. It is actually really easy to get the glue off because there are tabs on the bottom of the battery that you pull like an adhesive wall hook

  31. I take out the charging port array and then pull the pull tabs on the battery adhesive. Taking out the array means you can pull the tabs at a straighter angle and they're less likely to break off. With both adhesive stirps out, the battery will lift out of the housing.

  32. Really good instructions, replaced my iPhone 6 battery. If you don’t have a heat gun, a hairdryer works just as good. Good tip, make sure to put the screw aside in the same pattern as some are shorter than others. Top vid cheers

  33. brilliant video, changed my battery in minutes, just take a note of which screws go where as they are different lengths. Managed to get my battery out without heating the phone, just prized it up a little at a time taking great care. Thanks for the video !

  34. Did it, hardest part is put it back together, little tiny screws. The battery I bought came with tools. I warmed up the back then carefully pulled the glue strips out, they came out fairly easily. Hold the battery down when doing this or you could slingshot the battery across the room. Plugging in the connectors is tricky, takes patience. Phone is alive and everything works. I got three bowls to put the screws in. Don't want to blow them across the room with the blow drier.

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