iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max – Unboxing, Setup and First Look

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
today Apple released the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro max there’s four
colors now with an all new midnight green that I have here on the 11pro and
I have space grey on the 11pro max now these start at $9.99 for the 11pro or
add about $100 for the max size of the pro and then it goes all the way up to
1449 and you can get 64 256 or 512 gigabytes of storage I picked up the
iPhone 11 Pro in the new midnight green color and then I picked up the 11 Pro
max in the space gray color for my own personal use and if you look at the side
of the box here you can see that they’ve matched the color of the phone to the
logo or the word iPhone so midnight green and Space Gray now I got the
midnight green iPhone 11 in 64 gigabytes and then I got the 11pro max in 256
gigabytes so this will be my personal phone most of the time so let’s go ahead
and open them up here and this here the boxes do not feel as snug and that’s not
a big deal but they don’t feel as snug as they used to so we’ll move the boxes
aside and you see there backward this year the cameras are facing up and they
have cutouts for them and here are both colors together so this space gray I’m
really glad I went with this looks amazing and I’m not one for drama but
really it looks much better than the older Space Gray I prefer in this matte
color quite a bit more now let’s unbox these together well look at the phones
in just a moment and you’ll see they’re not much different here as far as the
boxes you’ve just got different sizes and then inside you’ve got a little
pamphlet that says hello you’ve got a SIM card removal tool a warranty card
and then some Apple stickers now the good thing is Apple has finally included
a faster charger in the box now this is not incredibly power
like you get with a Galaxy Note 10 but this is the 18 watt charger that you get
with the iPad pro models that is that’s USB c2 lightning and I normally use this
charger for my iPhone XS Max you’ve also got a pair of air pods or ear pods
rather with Lightning connectors and then you’ve also got again that
lightning to USB C connector so this is something I’m glad I’m getting more of
these because this is what I use most of the time let’s set these aside now the
phones themselves are made out of stainless steel and then it’s a matte
frosted glass on the back and then it gets classy here around the camera this
is all one piece of glass so I don’t know if you can see it but it’s one
piece of glass that’s continuous over the edge so if you crack the back of
this it will crack up through the camera but not to the cameras themselves as
they have a steel ring around them so let’s take a look at both of these
colors you’ll see I think they look pretty good they’re very close although
there’s a hint of green it just depends on the lighting that you have but
overall they’re very very close let’s go ahead and flip them over and take a look now for a quick size comparison let me
bring in a couple other phones here is my iPhone XS Max this is my normal
daily phone and then we have the new iPhone 11 and then we have the iPhone X
so this gives you a size comparison now the 11 and 11 Pro Max are actually the
thickest here other than the 11 so the the new 11s are thicker than the older
phones and in fact the 11 and 11 Pro Max are heavier than their previous
versions due to a little bit of extra thickness and more battery so we’ve got
six point six three ounces with the iPhone 11 Pro or a hundred and
eighty-eight grams and seven point nine seven ounces or 226 grams for the iPhone
11 pro max and you can definitely feel the weight difference between the 11 Pro
Max and the XS Max it’s not huge but you
can definitely feel the difference now as far as the button layout goes the
buttons are slightly different the XS Max you can see has the power button
that’s slightly higher than the 11pro max on the other side the 11pro max is
volume buttons and silence which are also a little bit lower on both of the
devices you’ll see the bottom is very similar and then the top should also be
very similar now the same is true for the 11pro again the power button is a
little bit lower and the volume and buttons and silence which are a little
bit lower the antenna lines look the same and the bottom looks the same like
I said this isn’t a X not a XS but the bottom looks the same as a XS now
inside of these is both an a 13 processor with 4 gigabytes of RAM and
you may say that’s not enough but with iOS it seems to be enough with the iPad
pro that’s what it has is 4 gigabytes of RAM and it seems to be plenty for that
device and I use that every day and I really like it now let’s go ahead and
turn this on and take a look at this new display and these are the new super
Retina XDR displays there we go and the super Retina XDR is brighter
basically they’re sustained 800 nits and then bursts up to 1200 nits for HDR
content so it should look really good if you’re playing HDR movies
now the 5.8 inch display on the iPhone 11 is 24 36 by 1125 with a pixel density
of 458 pixels per inch the 11pro max is 6.5 inches with 2688 by 1200 and forty
two pixels with again 458 pixels per inch they both have a 2 million to 1
contrast ratio which is pretty crazy now they are both haptic touch this year so
let’s go ahead and slide these up I’ll bring a different phone near and it will
begin to set it up now I’m going to set these up as new and then restore them
later with all of my data since these are actually on iOS 13 brand-new and
since I do a lot of beta tests my XS Max is actually on 13.1 so in order to
do that you actually have to upgrade these phones after setting it up as new
upgraded to 13.1 erase it then you can restore a backup it’s kind of a
pain you won’t have to do this if you’re watching this after the 24th of
September so it depends on when you’re watching it but after that you should be
good to go unless you’re running one of the iOS betas so we’ll go ahead and set
up face ID so I don’t want to transfer any data like I said so I’ll just do
this for now we’ll agree to the terms I’ll let continue I’ll install the
updates manually iMessage and FaceTime app analytics you can either choose that
or not to do standard or zoomed continue switch between apps it’s just telling me
how to use it and then welcome to iPhone and now we’re on the home screen now
these displays have haptic touch they no longer have 3d touch so it’s a long
press so when you press on it just press and hold it’s not a huge deal but it is
a haptic touch a lot of the features are still there that we had before they just
don’t work the same it’s more of a long press that’s based on how long you hold
your finger there now let’s take a look at some of the new wallpapers I know a
lot of you are anxious to see if we have any so let’s go to wallpaper choose new
wallpaper and we have some new live wallpapers so here’s one we can press
and hold it’s a nice nice live wallpaper or we have dark mode as well so if I
turn dark mode on these will change so let me show you the difference here so I
have the wallpapers on the 11pro Max in dark mode and then in light mode on the
11pro if we go to the same wallpaper you’ll
see it doesn’t look too much different but it is a little bit darker on the pro
Max so let’s back out here and we’ll switch
over to let’s set this wallpaper and then I’ll set the green one for the 11
now with the new a 13 processor there should be better performance but the big
focus on that was actually battery and efficiency however let’s check how much
RAM we have using Geekbench it’s the same on both phones but let’s see what
we’ve got and we have three point six seven gigabytes basically four gigabytes
is what it’s showing according to Geekbench so both phones have the same
it should be fine like I before now let’s talk about the biggest
change and that is the cameras on the back now as far as camera modes are
concerned you’ll see once we go into it it tells us some new things capture
outside the frame new shutter button so we’ll hit continue and let’s put the
phone in the background and if we zoom out now we’ve got ultra wide so you can
see the desk behind with the iMac Pro back there and then if we zoom back in
you’ll see there’s the phone and then we can assume again with the telephoto lens
so it’s pretty nice there with portrait mode we also have a portrait camera with
that new key light mono setting and then if I spin it around you’ll see here it
puts white in the background instead of black so we had stage light stage like
mono now we have a white background as well now the biggest change is with the
cameras and the forward-facing camera gets a big update and this carries
across all iPhone 11 lines with the forward-facing camera we’ve got a new 12
megapixel F 2.2 camera with a wider lens so we capture more in the shot and again
if we go into portrait and let’s go out of this portrait mode here we go back
here maybe you go to photo and we can zoom out and we get more of what’s
around us so it looks pretty good overall the camera is where we see the
biggest upgrade we have an all new 12 megapixel sensor for each one of the new
lenses and then on top we have a normal wide-angle lens with an F 1.8 aperture
below that we have a telephoto with an F 2.0 and then we have an ultra wide F 2.4
with a hundred and 20 degree field of view
now the wide-angle or the ultra wide is not stabilized but the other two lenses
are stabilized but you typically don’t really need stabilization with the ultra
wide you also have a brighter to true tone flash above all of those now all
four cameras can record in 4k 60p which is really impressive the forward facing
camera included but the rear cameras get 4k 60 with extended dynamic range last
year we only got that at 30 frames per second the forward facing camera can do
4k 60 but 4k 30 with extended dynamic range now as far as everything
else that’s new they have better speakers apparently with better surround
sound or a wider sound overall on both devices and then here’s the big one that
I think a lot of people will be interested in both phones have larger
batteries and that means you’re going to get up to four hours more battery than
you did over the XS with the iPhone 11 Pro and the 11 Pro max should get 5
hours more battery close to a four thousand milliamp hour battery and you
should get about five hours more now I’m not sure how Apple measured that but
they should be a lot better you also have better ip68 certification
for waterproofing so that’s good if you know what happened with my iPhone XS
Max and it actually needing to be replaced because of that it should help
if it gets dunked in the water and finally the texture of this just
holding this during the video it’s really nice to hold if you don’t put it
in a case and even though this camera looks like it’s sunk down in kind of the
way they’ve done the the curves and the way the glass is it’s actually sticking
up but it’s not as much as you would think so it doesn’t really stick up much
past the back compared to even the XS Max here it’s not protruding out the
back too much so it’s not as much as you would think so it actually feels like
it’s a little thinner than the XS Max as far as the camera bump is concerned
but not the phone overall so display wise these look fantastic so far I’ll
have to use them like I said over the next week or so to do a full review but
let me know your thoughts in the comments below and then finally to see
how good these cameras are I’ll wrap the video up recording with these cameras
and their internal mic just to see how well they are I’ll record from the back
and the front and we’ll just do a quick comparison that’s it for the unboxing of
the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 pro max I’m recording with the front-facing camera
of the 11 Pro in 4k and also using the internal microphone so let me know how
you think it compares to the beginning of the video where I was actually using
a Panasonic s1 which should be much clearer than this now I’m recording with
the rear cameras on the 11 Pro max so let me know how these are for you in the
comments below as well I’d love to hear your take on it and if you think it’s
worth updating to an iPhone 11:11 pro or pro max so if you’d like to
get your hands on this wallpaper though I’ll link it in the description below
and if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and hit that
notification bell if you’d like to see more of these videos as soon as they’re
released if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for
watching I’ll see you next time

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