India to Nepal Border Crossing | Solo traveler India to Nepal by road from Dehradun | Day 1

Now we have to get our bag checked. For rs 100 Namastay, 100 Rs Smart. Smart 100 is also available. Hello, Guys, I am your host and friend Backpacker Ankit and today I am leaving for the new Journey. and going towards Nepal. Right Now I am at ISBT Dehradun and from here one Uttarakhand Govt and Nepal Govt because of them, a Direct bus runs which will take us to Mahendra Nagar. and right now with me is my friend Shivam who is here to drop me. will you tell us till where this bus goes? Till Mahendranagar Oh and From there where you want to go tell me (Driver) So guys if you want to go ahead of Mahendranagar then Like Kathmandu so you can buy tickets from these guys. Am I Right? Keep this small bag with yourself. You can hold it in your lap (Shivam bro) Absolutely brother. and this is the trunk of this bus where the back rucksack will go. Guys, I am nervous right now. And little bit I am inexperienced one (Shivam) :: Laughing :: With Unexperienced cameraman Your nervous Ankit Pundir. And as you can see Ankit is going through a good workout. So, guys, this is the Bus Ticket. which I booked from which is the govt website of Uttarakhand Transport Corporation. (Utttarakhand Pariwahan Nigam) and when you will book online then only Rs 50 will be deducted by the bank. and after that. you have to buy this ticket from Bus driver and Conductor. and this is the sitting arrangement of this bus. here on the side this is a power outlet. So guys its 6:11 PM and finally, the bus started moving. for 10 minutes the bus was roaming in ISBT. I have to give you some info which is From Uttarakhand to Nepal there are 2 Buses. one is ordinary which is operated by the UTC one is Uttarakhand Transport Corporation and another is Nepal Service. which may be operated by Nepal Govt. and the fare for the Ordinary bus is Rupee 500. and this one (the Nepal Service) cost for rupees 640(INR). whenever you will book the tickets for Nepal service then only 50 Rs will be deducted from the UTC website. and after that, you have to buy tickets here. so guys its 9:30 PM and the bus had stopped this place is called hapuwala ok so I am unable to pronounce so we have to eat dinner here. and everyone is telling that the bus will stop for 30 min. does anyone wants anything (background guy) so guys this is the food. which cost for INR 150. in which there is Cheese and chapaties and all stuff. I had my dinner. Was unable to eat much and with me right here is Vishnu Brother who was connected sorry Sorry sorry Muni Muni Bro. Actually, I met Vishnu bro on my last journey. so his name was broke out. so brother is sitting with us. and will go to to Rudrapur ? Yes Rudrapur(Muni Bro) and brother is a kind of expert in Yoga. and he had practiced a lot of Vipassana. and from him, I got info about the Bla Bla Car. I had seen the videos in most of the cases the Bla Bla car operates in Russia In India, it is available I did not know but the brother told that Bla Bla cars It also operates in India. However, the brother had a bad experience with Bla Bla cars. I had booked the Bla Bla car I talked with him I told him that I am coming. Haridwar I told him that I am on the bus but when I reached Haridwar then he did not pick up my calls. he should had told me about that I kept on calling and luckily I got this bus. otherwise, I would have been stuck here. so such kinds of things can happen so be prepared for this. In Bla Bla car whenever a private vehicle is going so that guy or girl register themself they register themself? Yes(Muni Bro) they register and open their car for strangers for that route. Then you send a request to them? We search who is going on the route. It’s not one but a lot of people are going. you just have to wait for the approval you just have to send a request and it is mentioned that you only have to use cash. there will be no online payment. so right now Muni bro is watching my channel and I am increasing the number of subscribers. So guys it’s 6:21AM and this is the Indian side customs. at the backside literally, I went inside the trunk to get my bag. here my bag is being checked for the third time. in which they will check big bag and smaller one is left inside.(Though you have to show both of the bags) Right now I have reached Mahendranagar and now the Name had been changed? this is the Kanchanpur District It comes inside it.(Brother) Kanchanpur District. But on the maps, it was showing something else. what was that? Bhimdatt.(me) Yes, Bhimdatt Municipality.(Brother) Municipality. and now I am going to see the hotel with this brother. My plan is to stop here for today then I will start hitchhiking from tomorrow. So, brother, can you teach me some words like Namastay ! for Namastay here it is Namastay as well. Yes It is(Brother) and for example, I will ask someone that I need a Lift. then what will I say? In Nepali or Hindi? (Brother) In Nepali…. Hindi.. do people know Hindi? Here everyone knows Hindi as it is the border.(Brother) Yes yes !(me) Everyone knows Hindi (Brother) So here are a lot of hotels like this. Yes, a lot of hotels. Excuse me! So you sit here, freshen up as right now it is not the checkout time. Its 9 AM (brother) So the check-in time is 9AM and till then I will be waiting here. the whole border crossing experience is that 4 to 5 times they had checked the backpacks. and for Indians, there is no Visa required that’s why we don’t have to show the passport but if you are a foreigner or from another country then you have to show the Passport Visa and you have to do immigration as well. as in our bus, there was a foreigner lady who got out 2-3 times different so a few minutes ago with me there was a driver bro who operates a bus from here so the bus from Dehradun(India) comes here at Mahendranagar Station(Nepal) from here you can go to Kathmandu and Pokhara. and he told about the fare that till Pokhara it will be around 1100 to 1300 Rupee.(Not sure about Indian or Nepali) here are some kids. Hello… Guys if you are fancier of Alcohol etc then you can get it in Hotels as well. because here the Government give the license as like the brother who owns the hotel is telling that so in a lot of hotels is it so? yes in Nepal it is in every hotel.(Brother) Oh A lot oh great. In the morning a guy bought alcohol and I thought it was Soda. A guy had bought a bottle in the morning who was sitting with me. who was I think was the conductor he was very helpful and shared a lot of info with me. he drank something and I thought that it was soda but later brother told me that it was an alcoholic drink. Yes I will buy a sim. Here Sim is Namastay and Ncell is used more(brother) and there is new one Smart as well. Ok brother here is some currency notes from India which are not accepted? here Indian Currency is accepted but not in Kathmandu. not in Kathmandu. Here it is the Border Area so the Currency is accepted. but therein Kathmandu Indian currency will not work. I had heard that 500 rupee notes will not work. here every Indian currency will be accepted. there I only have to use Nepali Currency? here you can use Indian as well here it is accepted but Kathmandu side it is not.(Brother) You have to exchange money here. this is the food for today. and in this, there is a vegetable and meat as well. Bro this is the meant? Which meat is this?(me) Chicken(Brother) that’s it guys I will start eating. so guys this is the room. and Well.. for me it is Awesome πŸ˜› LOL! wooo chilled air inlet. and the most amazing thing here is that I can get the view of whole market. ok now I should sleep for a while. after that, I will be exploring the place. Good evening guys. So I came out of my hotel and going towards the N- cell shop where I will buy a sim card and just right now hotel bro had shared some important info which is that Indian Rupee 100 Equals to 160 Nepali Rupee. as told by the brother. Let’s go and talk Hello Brother. Actually, I want to buy a SIM card so will you tell me how an Indian will get a sim card? ID aadhar card required. Aadhar Card. Voter ID or Passport and photograph. and will you tell the price.(me) 100 Nepali Rupee (Brother) the Namastay SIM and which one will be better for the internet. Smart cell.(Brother) please show me. so guys here both fingerprints are taken. to get a sim card. and and here the small difference was to write Grand Father’s Name. So brother here everyone write GrandFather’s name for SIM card? It is a compulsory brother. so your grandfather’s name has to be given. which is compulsory here. your Dad’s Name and Dad’s dad’s name. the three generations name is required. this is new here, as in INDIA there is father’s name required only. and here the thumbprints are also compulsory. thumbprints. Guys I have bought 2 sim cards one is activated right now. and the second one will activate in the morning. it is dark now. the card is inside. Ok 56 NPR the charge. welcome please enter your secret number.(ATM Machine) Finally the SBI Atm card worked. so this is Nepal SBI bank. in which my card worked. but on PNB ATM my card did not work and 56 Nepali rupee was the charged by the ATM as it gave the notification. this time I am at my room and and was checking how much was the cash I took out from ATM Because the Nepali Currency is 1000 Nepali rupee. and for that I installed SMART sim card in my phone (to use internet) and tried to turn on the internet. but by the default settings, it was not turned on. so when I put the sim card in the phone then I got a message and in that message, it was written that if your internet doesn’t work then you have to set APN manually. in your phone(Android) you have to go to the settings and then you have to put the access point name and in it I put Smart entered it differently. so you will get the message of any service provider whose sim card you bought. read the instruction carefully and after that finally, my internet started working. and then I checked the balance in my Bank account (SBI) so it showed 660 INR and current Rate for Indian and Nepali rupee is 100 Indian rupee is equal to 159.9 which is equal to 160 Nepali Rupee. I cashed out 1000 Nepali rupee from ATM in which 625 Indian rupees has to be deducted from my bank account but the money deducted was 660 Indian rupee that means the ATM fee was 37 Indian rupees. that’s it tomorrow our hitch hiking will start. and the last time hitchhike starting was good now let’s see how will the experience here. and I have to tell you a lot of things which I have experienced I will tell you that tomorrow in the daytime. Ok, Guys Good Night…

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23 thoughts on “India to Nepal Border Crossing | Solo traveler India to Nepal by road from Dehradun | Day 1

  1. There is Bus service from Delhi as well.As when I reached there in Nepal there were buses from Delhi as well. The same kind of. And as I searched the Internet there was a bus from Kathmandu to Siliguri as well. Important info :
    Always purchase SIM card at the borders as your aadhar card will only work in borders inside Nepal only Voter ID or Passport is accepted for SIM cards.(read further down)

    Also Money exchange can be done as well. Or you can use SBI or PNB ATM if you have the respective bank ATMs with very less atm charges. And remember you must have an international Debit card. Domestic cards like Rupay will not work in NEPAL. Always apply for VISA international debit cards if you want them to work outside of INDIA. And the networks of "NAMASTAY" works in most of the parts of NEPAL even in hills.
    πŸ™‚ so it is better.

  2. Amazing one. Enjoyed the video. Use Niyo card to save that 36 rs also, it also provides, unlimited withdrawal in any country.

  3. Good going Ankit…by the way howz the road condition from ddun to butwal(Nepal) i will b going by car…n any good hotels on highway…

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