Importance of Cellular Respiration – Cellular Respiration in Plants – Biology Class 12

Do subscribe to Ekeeda channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering, HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced videos.Hello Students,Today we are studying chapter respiration in that we are studying topic significance of respiration significance is nothing but importance of respiration we all know that three cycles take place in the explanation let’s try and find out what is the importance of these three cycles. During the respiration process what happens is your Krebs cycle your glycolytic cycle the oxidative carboxylation of pyruvate or pyruvic acid as is your ETS cycle now all this together consists of nothing but respiration process and during every respiration process there is some amount of ATP that’s form in some cases it is more in some cases it is less even high energy molecules like NADPH 2 and FADH 2 are broken now some compounds like co2 h2 is liberated specially in desperation the co2 or – oh that’s liberated is used in photosynthesis process students the explanation helps to convert or it does metabolic killing breakdown of food materials it converts food into such metabolic or similar products that can be used respiration conserves much more energy than any other man-made food specially glycolysis if we say it comes out 64 kilo Cal of energy coupled with photosynthesis if you talk about respiration it helps to within the carbon dioxide balance now cut photosynthesis uses carbon dioxide as a source of raw material whereas your respiration removes carbon dioxide as a by-product so now if respiration removes carbon dioxide as by-product and water as well now this carbon dioxide as a by-product removed by respiration can be used by photosynthesis as a raw material to synthesize glucose remember the equation co2 + h2o in the presence of sunlight and chlorophyll to form glucose over there it can be used significance of respiration now when I talk about the significance of respiration it converts food materials that is carbohydrates proteins fats into metabolically useful forms by the process of catabolism and anabolism respiration can conserve much more energy than any other man-made few especially the process of glycolysis now when you couple photosynthesis along with respiration what we notice is that the carbon cycle when I say carbon cycle it means the intake and the usage of carbon dioxide in nature we all know that plants use carbon dioxide as a by-product for the process of photosynthesis so now this carbon dioxide has to be given back to the nature in some form and that is done by the process of respiration so photosynthesis uses carbon dioxide as a food source or to prepare food material whereas respiration keeps carbon dioxide as a raw material or you can say it gives back carbon dioxide to the nature during its by-product when we talk about anaerobic fermentation bring animal fermentation what happens is that a number of products that are formed during anaerobic fermentation or fermentation the absence of oxygen can be used as commercially important products now one of them is alcohol and which is ethyl alcohol especially antibiotics like streptomycin erythromycin all those can be used even vitamins like b2l called the mind without and sivagami name that has synthesized chemically by anaerobic fermentation are of great importance the intermediate product or the product that are formed in the latent phases during the respiration process whether it is organic products on respiration production aerobic or anaerobic are used to the synthesis of organic compounds like fats and proteins especially during the formation of protein polypeptide chain back amino acids are linked together the proteins like arginine and methionine serum may use this organic compounds facts which are unsaturated mono saturated or unsaturated polysaturated facts may use this organic compounds for forming the peptide linkage or forming the peptide linkage in proteins as well as the fatty acid linkage in facts so students what we came through in this part of the chapter was the significance or the importance of respirations now respiration as a whole team of glycolysis kreb cycle ets dicarboxylic decomposition corporative of pyruvic acid totality helps inform the respiration and every other process or step or cycle has some importance and in total after the process of photosynthesis the respiration process takes place which are various benefits to the cell system or the cell cycle now photosynthesis is in an allows you with the process of respiration once photos in this is done then decarboxylation breakdown of Patrica citizen and tense your respiration whole process of the whole cycle is done and every other step generate certain amount of ATP certain amount of NADPH tune and certain amount of ATP in the form of high-energy molecule I hope students feel very clear about this concept of significance of explanation

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