How to Network on Instagram Direct Message

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45 thoughts on “How to Network on Instagram Direct Message

  1. came to this video 2 years after it was posted. but it is still relevant – EVERY PIECE AND WORD. made notes – got to go implement them. Love you, gary!

  2. Am always feel shamed to push the thumb up after watching Gary video, cause I knew it was the best video , before starting to watch it 🙏🤣

  3. Amazing video other than the part where I got serious anxiety when he offered free work for a whole year 😅😅😅. Some of us wanna also get paid 😂

  4. So if i hit up 100 ppl in a day & 50 ppl respond to me because i offered to make them Instagram videos for free. How am I benefiting from it? Wouldnt they all just take the videos & go? I have no issue doing it but i jus wanna understand where the benefit would come from

  5. Gary, I am unable to send a message to prospective lead as there is no option for 'send message' on Instagram now. Please help me with what I do now?

  6. I am an aspiring artist and I want to know how exactly I should go about dm’ing people because I don't understand how to.

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