How to navigate with Voice Control on your iPhone — Apple Support

With Voice Control, you can control your iOS devices
using just your voice, which is helpful
if you have limited mobility. Here’s how, starting in iOS 13. We’ll cover how to turn on
Voice Control, use gesture commands,
navigate with overlays, and pause Voice Control. To turn on Voice Control,
open Settings, scroll down
and tap Accessibility. Tap Voice Control, and tap Set Up Voice Control
at the top of the screen. Voice Control may require
a short initial download before it’s ready to use. But after that, it doesn’t need
Wi-Fi or cellular data to work. Now you can begin
navigating your device with just your voice. Let’s go over
some basic commands. When Voice Control
is turned on, you’ll see a blue microphone
at the top left of your screen. Let’s go to the Home screen. “Go Home. Swipe left. Tap Notes. What can I say?” This is helpful
if you ever need a hint. “Go back.” Let’s check out Control Center. “Open Control Center. Turn down volume.” Perfect. To see other commands
you can use, just say, “Show commands,”
to see a glossary in the Voice Control section
of your iPhone settings. There are three kinds
of overlays you can use with Voice Control. They make it easier to interact
with on-screen elements, like buttons or sliders. Let’s say we want
to take a photo. “Open Camera.” To show the names of the buttons
onscreen say, “Show names. Tap Filters. Swipe left.” Ah! That’s the one. What if we want to tap somewhere
on screen to focus our image? “Show grid.” This is helpful
if you want to interact with a specific point on screen. Let’s focus in on grid 11. “Eleven. Seven. Five.” There we go. If you don’t know
the name of a button, you have other options too,
like number labeling. “Show numbers continuously.” This will keep number labeling
dimmed on screen until you speak a command. You can say, “Hide numbers,”
when you’re done. We can take a photo
by tapping eight. “Tap eight.” Ta-da! Depending on the app
or situation you’re in, different overlays may
make more sense than others. Numbers are helpful when there
are a lot of elements on screen, like in Safari. If you want to stop
Voice Control from listening, you can say, “Go to sleep,” to pause it while it runs
in the background. To have it start listening again
just say, “Wake up.” Once Voice Control is set up, you can also use Siri
to turn it on or off. Now you know the basics of how
to navigate your iOS devices using just your voice. For more helpful
iOS accessibility tips, check out our playlist, or click another video
to keep watching. ♪ Music playing ♪

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100 thoughts on “How to navigate with Voice Control on your iPhone — Apple Support

  1. How do you fix screen freeze I had to get a whole we phone because of the screen freeze I tried:

    Hard reset

    Killing the battery

    Factory reset

  2. If you are thinking that this is innovative and Apple has done something extraordinary, then I'm sorry to tell you that you are wrong.

    Google did the exact same thing long before Apple. You can find the Voice Access app on the Play Store.
    Thank me later.

  3. Cant more sense than others numbers are helpful and there are a lot of elements on screen if you want to stop voice control i'm listening

  4. When she says a command does the command for me well what I'm trying to say is when she says a command is doing a command on my phone

  5. Apple it’s saying I can’t it’s not working I have IPad Air 2 2017 with iOS 13.3 and still not working pls fix

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  7. LMAO Had voice command on I had voice command on while watching video so when she said home it turned off the video and went home 😂 But went back to video and she started talking about the grids but had to get to work so I exited out of the video early I had grids on my screen 💀 Had to use voice command to exit grids 🤣

  8. When the pop up to correct a word is opened, there’s no way to hide it.
    And so many other problems.
    It’s a nice idea, but s******** execution.

  9. This break-through in technology will add vast new capabilities to those with disabilities. My brother, recently totally paralyzed, has no body movements at all except for a slight head movement of approximately 1 inch. With Voice Control, he will now regain about 2/3 of his life capabilities including the ability to read, turn pages, change apps, search the internet, and communicate via FaceTime, Messenger and email. After 9 months of totally being locked inside – he is now potentially facing some freedom! Bless you Apple! How can we spread the word, and get training?

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