How to insert sim & SD Card into Sony Xperia XZ3

Hi everyone I’m Ricky from tech talk and
today I want to do a very quick basic video on the Sony Xperia exit 3 to
showing you how to insert your SIM card and a micro SD card so a couple of
things to note is a nano size SIM card and the micro SD card can be up to 512
gigabytes extra storage on your device which is amazing one thing you need to
do is power off your device so make sure you do that first before we begin so
just give that a couple of seconds just to power off I heard a vibration already
so once that’s powered off and you’re sure it is powered off looking at the
top of your device your SIM tray is actually located up here there’s no need
for a tool all you need is a fingernail to get in there and then it starts to
lift the tray up once it’s done you can just pinch it to lift it either way out
just hanging around it does have a gasket on it it’s moving bits at the top
here protect it from water resistance which is great so turning your tray over
let’s first of all insert our micro SD card there are tiny tiny little clips
that will clip it in and you’ll hear it sort of like as you can see there is a
diagram on here how to insert your SIM cards again we need the gold plate
facing up again you should hear this click in once they’re securely in turnover but
make sure you hold them recommend always holding them when you return it to your
device taking your device line back up and
simply push in make sure you push it all the way down so it does keep the
water-resistant turn your device back on once your device is turned on as you can
see here we’ve got Vodafone UK you’ve got some signal bars over here as well
if we swipe down it’s talking about our SD card so you can tap on this your SD
card is ready to use which is great that’s great option there to see your
storage go into your menu options so into settings and in settings find
storage inside storage you’ve got your internal storage and then you’ve got
your micro SD card storage here as well please also note just in case you may
need to backup your SD cards just in case it asks you to reformat on the
device one first inserted majority the time it’s gonna be working fine but just
make sure you make a backup just in case if you have any issues or any basic
information you want to know about the brand-new Sony Xperia x8 three please do
let me know I’d be more than happy to help please give me a thumbs up and
remember subscribe and bring the notification belts they updated with all
my latest videos from me Ricky I’ll see you very soon bye for now

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9 thoughts on “How to insert sim & SD Card into Sony Xperia XZ3

  1. Thank you! But has it ever asked anyone to reformat and how often does it ask you to reformat. And is it for every phone or just this phone.

  2. 512 gb Micro SD card? How sad. Thats not what the specifications on Sony website said. Hence i only bought the claimed maximum size of 128 gb :o(

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