How to insert sim card into iPhone XS Max

Hi everyone I’m Ricky from Tech Talk this
is the brand new iPhone 10s Max and today is a very quick basic video just
showing you how to insert your SIM cards and talking about the dual SIM options
you have with your brand new device so first of all make sure you have a nano
size SIM card you have the correct sim tool that comes provided in the box and
power your device off so to do this it’s just press up the Siri button and also
then the volume up key together at the same time you’re going to get this
option come up slide to turn off your device so once that’s powered off turn
to the right hand side you’re gonna see where you need to insert your SIM cards
align your simple app press straight down pull out your SIM tray so in China
what they’re going to do is allow you to put one SIM card one side one SIM card
the other side which is a really great feature for the rest of the world you’re
going to use a nano sized SIM card which is this one here to line us up and sit
this in the tray correctly so that is fitted into the tray there correctly and
then the other SIM card is going to be an e SIM and this is where you’re gonna
add it in through the menu options so returning your SIM card back into your
phone just line these back up push all the way in and what we’re going to do
its power our device on so as the device is powering on and loot’ any attention
now to our website which is Apple’s own websites using dual sim with an e sim so
Apple is going through detailed explanation here how to connect both
your physical SIM and your estim so the link will be in the description if you
have any problems drop a comment down below I would be more than happy to help so once your device is all powered back
on and you’ve unlocked it if you pull down from the right-hand corner you’re
gonna get your control center here and inside here you’ve got three which is my
mobile network so mobile bars as well so we’re all up and ready to go so now your
signal is all up and running you can make phone calls use your data receive
text messages and enjoy all of your social media we’re going to settings and
then go into mobile data or it might be called cellular network if you live
outside of Europe inside here you’re gonna have all your information so you
will notice that ECM it’s actually not available yet it’s gonna come in the
later updates but this is where it be inside here you can choose them which
applications you can use your mobile data network Wi-Fi call-in and then
personal hotspot if that’s allowed as well coming back home we’re all set up
I’m ready to go if you do have any questions or queries drop comment down
below to be more than happy to help please give me a thumbs up as it does
help subscribe and ring that little bell to updated with all our latest videos
from me Ricky I’ll see you very soon bye for now

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