How To Grow Network Marketing Business Quickly in 2020

Want to know the best way to grow your
network marketing business quickly without bothering your friends and
family? In this video, I’ll be talking about how you can succeed without using any sorts of the old tactics that your upline has been
teaching you for the past years. Check it out! [Music]
What’s up everyone, this is Simon from SimonWYHuang, where the channel is
talking about online marketing business, digital marketing tip for any sort of
business owners. Now, if you’re new to this channel, make sure you hit the
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know the latest tactic about using online marketing to grow your business,
then you definitely don’t want to miss this out. So we are in the year 2020 right
now. However, there’s still a lot of network marketing business owners just
practicing the same old way that was in say the seventies or eighties. Honestly,
that’s like at least 30, 40 years old tactic. What are those though? Well, you’ve
probably heard of it and you’re still probably doing it right now. Let me tell
you! Number one: you got to take down a note and say a top 100 list.
Those top 100 lists, what you’re gonna do is get this list to your upline and have
them three-way you in. Three-way? Like I’ve never known how to do that! I
literally was asked to do it and to be honest, that really screwed up my
relationships. My friends and family hated me at that time! Honestly, they’re
like ‘Simon, what the fuck?’ I’m sorry for swearing. ‘What the hell? Why did
you get that person to call me? It’s random people man!’ Oh
man, that really sucked… So that was horrible and there’s another one.
Number two is you usually would be enjoying a house party when you go to
someone else’s house. However, it somehow has changed into a
way where people are inviting you with a purpose? Chinese New Year that literally just passed. People would be just enjoying their food and then, all of a sudden, once everyone is done, the host
would start telling you ‘hey, let’s gather around, let’s gather around!’ and start
talking about the party and introducing yourself and so on and
so on… and then start talking about the MLM business.
Obviously, it’s a little awkward. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like
to talk about business one versus a lot. And like the intention, it’s just so clear. It
was just, you can’t hide it! So that’s really, really odd… So that’s number two.
Number three, the most interesting way that I’ve seen network marketing
companies do to gather new recruit and new customers is to use hotel meeting. Now
I believe those are usually done by really, really successful network
marketing companies that are making made millions and billions of dollars in sales. I mean, they got money to burn. However, to go into those events you
don’t have to pay for it, someone in the company will take you. That really wasn’t for me because you get all that a Lulla Lulla kind of talk I know you get people excited and all that stuff.
To me, it was just not right. It was just like, okay so I was not there to learn
anything except I was trying to be brainwashed? I don’t know I maybe I had a
different intention and so on but I honestly didn’t want to do
that so I’m gonna tell you the three ways that I’ve tried in the past few
years and even you know recent years have helped other network marketing to
build their business up so in the next week’s video I’ll be talking in that or
how these three ways are so the number one way is I’m gonna teach you how you
can sell your products we’re about talking to your friends and family so
you in general you can just see it as a platform a link the website where it
will do all the talking without you keep on you know talk talk talk talk talk
that’s timing you rather be like most ecommerce website where do you put up
the the product you roll out the description and maybe even record a
video like this explaining about the benefits of the product and how it will
help those who are using it so that’s the number one way to start selling your
products without talking to your friends and family so if you’re able to learn
that which I will be teaching you in the next video in depth how you can
successfully sell your products online number two how do you actually auto recruit I mean
we only have 24/7 we wake up after we finished sleeping for eight hours so
that that’s equivalent to 16 hours you still have to work is to have to deal
with family also doesn’t leave you much time so you need something just like the
number one way where you have a platform to automatically help you recruit all
you are downline so it’ll be something more in-depth more more steps involved
but you know if you can’t do this properly like I’m gonna just be very
brief you’re gonna explain to them like what I’m doing right now talking with
you guys watching the video I’m gonna be filming
or teaching you to film all these videos in the weeks follow how you can
automatically recruit them because you have done your job or getting them
interested and then get them wanted to start so that’s the way to do auto
recruiting online and number three I’m going to teach you how you can onboard
your downline onboarding means that you are training them you see a lot of time
wasted aren’t actually doing the cells and recruiting in the network marketing
business you actually have to grow a team or to get to the next level very
quickly however when you are teaching people you’re actually wasting those
time and not being able to sell and recruit more so it’s like chicken and
egg question if you can’t do either of those simultaneously you can’t actually
grow your business successfully so I will be showing you exactly step by step
on how I actually on board my downline in fact I’ll give you a glimpse of it I
basically created it I like horse platform where
all my downline to go through it and they don’t need to you know listen to me
talking to them like every single day or like really go after them hey did you
did you do this did you do that no every single day they will be getting an email
or a message from me automatically and they will be following that because then
without doing those steps properly they can’t succeed it’s as simple as that so
this is how I am able to grow my downline faster than before I finally
figured it out honestly and then when my when when a lot of my clients decided to
ask me to build a training platform for them I I decided you know just to record
this video for you guys so if you think this is a useful for you make sure you
hit the like button because the like will help me to promote this video to
more people you know as many as possible right I try to record these videos so
that it gives you guys value it teaches you guys something that you will be able
to utilize very quickly so I’m gonna give you this three recaps of how you
can grow your network marketing business without bothering your friends and
family number what I’m gonna teach you how to automatically sell your product
through Popham aware you don’t need to keep on talking to talk to your prospect
so that you can sell them successfully number two I’m gonna teach you how you
can take several steps prerecorded all recruiting those people
who are interested in joining an MLM company or have already been in a
network marketing company before but wanted to join your company instead so I
will be teaching you how you can create a system for that
and number three automatically onboard train your downline through a
course I’ll be literally walking you through all the steps necessarily you
know how you can set up your back-office how you can actually learn sell product
teach them how to sell product how to auto recruit basically the same thing
over again but you’re not repeating yourself so that’s what I’ll be teaching
you guys in the next videos so the next video won’t be on how to sell product
and once I finish recording it you will be right here or here I think I’ll be
there but whatever I will be putting it in the in the end screen right here so
that you can keep on watching and eventually the playlist will be down
here so that makes sure you are continue watching the playlist if you want to get
the hang of suspect succeeding in networking business in 2020 I’ll see you
guys in the next video peace out

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