How to Connect Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to any TV 📍 How To With Kristin

you hey guys it’s Kristin so in today’s video I’m gonna show you how you can connect your wireless headphones to pretty much any TV even if it doesn’t have Bluetooth enabled or anything like that so now I ran into this problem where I started googling and doing a lot of research on how I could figure out a way to get my older TV connected to my wireless headphones and the reason for that is because my boyfriend works really early so he goes to bed early I work kind of later in the day so I go to bed later but I always want to watch TV cuz I’m not tired but then I’m always keeping him awake and so I was like there’s got to be a way for me to like be able to hear the TV but not have him awake so I started doing a bunch of research and I found this cool device that allows you to connect anything any headphones that are wireless to a TV that maybe doesn’t have the capability of like Bluetooth or Wireless anything like that so let me show you what I’m using and how to set it up before we jump any further into the video if you guys are new please subscribe and then don’t forget to hit the bell so you’re notified when I upload a new video all right so this is the little device that I bought so it’s super tiny and it comes with a cord to charge this so this thing was like 23 bucks or 24 or something like that now if you look at the back of your TV some mines on the bottom sometimes it’s on the side up here but on the bottom this cord this little hole right there that’s for our aux and that’s what we’re gonna put this so I’m gonna put this right in there there we go and then it just sort of hangs down but that’s what we’re putting it right in there so one downside of this for this particular thing with the TV is that this is super short like it’s really tiny if you’re using this for something else it’s fine but like for TV this really needs to be longer so on the back side and the side you can see there’s like a power button so what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna try to show this to you I’m gonna hold this down and you should start seeing a blue and red light flashing so you want to keep holding until you see blue and red now I’m gonna get my wireless headphones so now I’ve got my wireless headphones and I’m gonna hold this down until we see a blue and red light as well there we go so now you saw that both of them we’re on and they shut off and now this is just showing blue and this one here is just flickering blue as well so they’re connected so now that your headphones are connected you can be lying in bed or whatever you’re doing you can have the headphones and even if the TV is like I think it was like I’ve tested out and I was like 15 feet away you can hear it perfectly but nobody else in the room can hear you now this does work with other devices so if you have anything else that does not have Bluetooth or wireless capabilities you can use this little transmitter so that you can connect your wireless headphones one thing I always like to include in my how-to videos is things not to do because I feel like people don’t include that so then you make mistakes you know and if people give you a heads up then you can avoid those so one thing is you must have it connected to the TV like plugged into the aux cord or whatever in you know import before you try to sync it any time I tried to sync this just on its own like side-by-side it would not work and then as soon as I plugged it into the TV and synced it it worked just fine the other thing is that most TVs I mean if it’s new or it may not do this but the older ones which is what I’m using this for if you leave that aux little device plugged in you’ll have no audio so if you like aren’t if your headphones are disconnected and you’re like freaking out because the TV has no audio it’s probably because you accidentally left that little you know syncing device plugged in so you do need to disconnect it when you’re not using it or your TV will have no audio and lastly I know that sometimes people can forget this I did one time it does need to be charged so like it only lasts so long so if you’re in the middle of watching TV and all sudden you lose all audio and maybe the lights there’s no like there’s no lights and stuff it’s probably because you have to charge it so that’s the only other thing I don’t know exactly how long it lasts yet I haven’t really tested it but I’ve been using it for probably like a month off and on and I haven’t charged to yet so on it’s probably gonna die soon but just those few things just want to let you guys know so that if you run into those problems you know why alright guys so that’s it for today’s video I hope you liked it and I hope this is helpful for you if you did like the video please give me a thumbs up also don’t forget to comment below so that I know you were here and listening questions you had or if you found other devices that you thought work better also if you’re new to my channel don’t forget to subscribe and then hit this bell so that you’re alerted when I upload a new video and I’ll talk to you later

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100 thoughts on “How to Connect Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to any TV 📍 How To With Kristin

  1. My old tv doesn't have a female for audio. It does have a 1 yellow video, and 1 white slot. Would this device work using the audio slot? My cable box has a usb slot, so can I use an adapter with usb hook up?

  2. been trying to figure this one out for my dj mixer. The transmitter I bought wouldn't do it but I will try the one you had in this video. TY.

  3. I have a similar divice and I use it plug in to the 3.5 mm tv audio output while charging it to the usb input in the tv. My tv is a roku smart tv and when I use to listen Pandora music app on it with the Bluetooth headphones you can turn off the display at night, but not the tv. It is awesome.

  4. I am a septuagenarian and not very tech savvy, I've purchased two of these devices trond and another brand and have been unable get them to work. After watching numerous videos with no success, I stumbled yours. You spoke in a manor that I was able to understand and follow. I now have two devices that work perfectly. Thank You very much!!!

  5. The problem with Bluetooth is theirs a slight lag meaning the voice doesn't go with the picture that's why I bought a 15m cable so I can have the sound directly to my headphones yes it's annoying to have wires but you get use to it orso you don't connect it to your aux input you connect it to your headphone jack socket and you do orso have 2 switches on most Bluetooth device's for your what your saying meaning one for input and one for output cx

  6. Will it work if you leave the charger plugged in? If not that is a terrible oversight by the manufacturer and makes it a total no go for me.

  7. I have one withe optical connection.. a taotronic.. , no need to disconnect to get audio back on tv, that would annoy me so much, having to disconnect all the time

  8. Thank you for the tip. I am trying to pair Bluetooth headphones to a newer Samsung tv that does not support Bluetooth. This is for an elderly person with severe hearing loss who wears hearing aids. Do you think this device will do the trick?

  9. im trying to do the same.. could you please help me out im trying to sync up the transmitter to these beats studio 3 wireless headphones i got for my father… please help me out.. thanks soo much

  10. Why not get tv ears that way you watch it both ways. Without plugging it in or unplugging it to hear it.and the sound is great.

  11. Hey I need help, if I do this with my wireless headphones, can I still use the inbuilt microphone to talk to people on my Xbox. I would really appreciate if someone helped me out.

  12. Soooooooo helpful … thank you so much for this information. I have been researching wireless headsets for my TV, and I was being led to purchase expensive name brand items because they were DESIGNED for TV. All I need is audio at night without disturbing anyone, … nothing fancy. Now, I know how to begin my search … I just start with a Bluetooth adapter.

  13. Thank you !! I was going crazy figuring it out … really like that you added the 'what not to do' … that was the trick 🙂 Thanks <3

  14. Nicely explained,Hi Kristin I have the smart tv Sony KDL-43W800C and I would like to connect my TWS(true wireless System) Earbud to this TV . how can I connect ?

  15. Your link to the device says its unavailable but there is a link apparently to the same device along with one for a car as well.

  16. Thanks for the great video, I've been thinking about this for a while. Thanks to you, I know what to do 👍👍👍👍👍😘

  17. I can't believe i have to do this because my brand new Samsung 4k Smarth Tv doesn't have a Bluetooth option but other models do have the option 😭

  18. Just what I was looking for my wife is in one bedroom listening to her tv shows shall I say loud enough to make raise my volume in the living room tv .So here is the other problem I sleep in the other upstairs bedroom very close to her bedroom needles to say I need headphones to watch tv I’m my room Older tv without Bluetooth so your little device would be my answer but what exactly is it called and best place to purchase plus what is your pick for wireless headphones that will definitely work with this little booger with great sound and pairing is a breeze ? Older guy and not the most tech savvy.All advise much appreciation

  19. Your tutorial was great. Thanks. I was really searching for something that would answer my question about could you use the bluetooth transmitter for wireless headphones if you also have dedicated RF headphones already connected……so that 3 people could listen to a show

  20. Where do you buy that device in Canada please? Also what kind of ear phones do you use? I no nothing but I need to do this…..thank you! Great video!

  21. If you have no audio when the device is plugged in, rather than keep unplugging it and making the connection weak, you should be able to enable/disable the speaker link, via the settings on your TV, that way you can leave it plugged in. Hope this is useful. 🙂

  22. Hi Kristin… I'm here… 🙂 ….my kid's teacher's name is as you're …so I'll be regular to your channel. Thanks. God Bless.

  23. Maybe helpful thanks may I suggest to you that if you use a HDMI cord for the power which I think I saw on the side and plug it in to a power source via the TV you will always have power.

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