How To Connect AirPods To Your iPhone!

All right, so I just got my AirPods today
in the mail after waiting for a couple of months and I’m going to set them off of my
iPhone in preparation for this. I opened up Apple support article about how
to use your AirPods so we can follow along with the instructions here. But the process is supposed to be pretty easy. So the first step is to open the AirPods case
and just hold it close to your iPhone. Uh, and I should mention that before you do
that. You have to make sure that Bluetooth is turned
on on your iPhone and uh, you know, what, it doesn’t say that in the Apple support article
online, but it should so on your iPhone itself swipe up from the very bottom of the screen
to open Control Center and then you’ll see the uh, the Bluetooth icon is the center one
and it’s the one that looks like the be appropriately. So when you tap it it’ll either turn on or
off when it’s highlighted in blue Bluetooth is on so make sure the Bluetooth is on your
on your iPhone before you try to set up your AirPods. So I’ll close this window by just tapping
the Home button. All right. Now I’m going to actually do it. Let’s open the AirPods case. And you can uh the white light and the top
of the AirPods case should begin to flash. So now we see that the AirPods nice little
animation appears on my iPhone screen and I will tap connect. It says connecting it says supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
is I AirPods I shouldn’t mention that we just came back from Disney World and I went in
a little bit of a Disney kick, uh, and you can have Siri call you whatever you would
like her to you. Just say hey Siri call me David. You would like me to call you David. Yes. Okay, David. What’s next? Well, I think that next we’re gonna continue
to use our AirPods record this YouTube video. Okay, so I’ll tap done it also shows you so
when you when you first set up your AirPods, it shows you how charged the AirPods themselves
are. So they’re at 64% and then it also shows another
number underneath the case. What a lot of people No is that the AirPods
case itself is actually a charger. So you have to charge your AirPods and you
have to charge your case. But the good the good thing about that is
is you’ll get a few hours of battery life out of the AirPods themselves, but then you
can put them in the case, uh and uh charge them up a bunch of times. So you get a total of about 24 hours of battery
life with AirPods. And that means that you don’t have to keep
plugging them in you don’t have to keep plugging in the case. It’s kind of like a battery case for your
iPhone. So I’ll tap done and that’s about it. That’s the entire setup process for AirPods
on iPhone. If I wanted to make sure that everything is
working correctly. I can just head to Settings. Hey Siri open Settings and then I can tap
Bluetooth and I’ll see that supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is AirPods is connected. Okay, I can actually change the name of the
AirPods. I can do that by tapping in the name field
now. See that this is ridiculously long name that
happened because of my nickname. So I’m just going to double click on that
double tap on that with my finger it’ll highlight and I’m just going to change this to David’s
David’s AirPods perfect done in the bottom right hand corner and then I’ll tap back in
the upper left-hand corner of the screen. So that about wraps it up. We’ve successfully connected my AirPods to
my iPhone and if you need more help setting up your AirPods or if something went wrong
along the way check out my article on Payette Forward walks you through the entire process
and tell you what to do if something goes wrong. Thanks for listening.

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31 thoughts on “How To Connect AirPods To Your iPhone!

  1. Will the AirPods connect to my iPhone 6s the same way they do with your (presumably) iPhone 7? Or do I always need to go to settings? I'm on iOS 10.3.3 btw

  2. How long or estimate do Air pods last? I’ve tried forgetting this device to disconnect from my iPad only, But it removes from all iCloud devices.

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