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100 thoughts on “How Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Dual SIM Duos actually work

  1. Terrible….long and loud musical pauses between fiddling with your sims and you did not explain how it works with the dual sims and only explained how to insert the sim cards.

  2. he showed me how to install I know how to do that how can u use both sin cards without having to switch then in the slot waste of time

  3. a question, can you explain me if this variant(930FD) can use LTE as the normal variant? 930F? i want to buy one but i am afraid something were wrong

  4. אני מאוד מרוצה מהמכשיר נוח יפה מעוצב להפליא עם תכונות טכנולוגיות מתקדמות אין טענות ממליץ!!!! לואי יגאל

  5. all the phone shops are telling me 7 edge is not a duel sim, it's single sim phone…im trying to convince them to check out YouTube ..

  6. The Galaxy S7 Edge Duos is available with 128 GB storage, so you can use the two slots for 2 SIMs and still have plenty of storage.

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  8. Hey. If you have 2 sim cars in phone, if someone cals you on your 1st sim you can answer, and if someone cals you on 2nd sim you can also answers without switching anything. And do you know on which phone number does this person cals?

  9. You take too long to get to the point bro. Speed it up and move it along! People have short attention spans and/or things to do these days. Hopefully that's a bit of constructive criticism. I found this vid helpful otherwise. Thank you.

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