GAME MASTER Spy Network Tracking Devices Found during Backyard Scavenger Hunt!! (Space Satellite)

what that’s what what there’s a coyote –
there’s – oh yes coyote open the door cheers there’s coyotes in the backyard
code is in the backyard grace keep the dogs in do you see it it’s staring at us
where it’s right in the creek oh I see it Sharers coming to see that coyote it’s
running away that code is right there Sharers I gotta go follow this this
coyote is getting close to the house it could come after baby otter have you
done there it is I see it it’s going it’s going
Cera’s coming you can see that coyote do have to cross the street grace we got to
go find mom and make sure baby otter and the new puppies inside the dog house babies you got to stay inside okay
Cody in the backyard okay you stay you stay you stay in here okay
yes yeah hi the sharers that you stay inside grace where did you see it that
path over there it was walking you know that big tree that fell that pathway and
oh yeah through the path I remember the path yeah it went there yeah and then to
that creek down there and then darted back and then went across the road oh
wait do you see that thing shining down by the pond where look right where that
car is passing right there do you see that shiny thing oh I will that boy my
eye I know what is that thing look at what is that thing I don’t know looks
like a balloon or something hold on let’s go let’s go get her shoes
on let’s go look for that Cody I figure out what that thing is down by the pond
okay mom you keep the dogs inside the house grace and I are gonna go explore
we got to figure out what that stuff is going on down by the pond yes okay grace
let’s go see would you find that I know wait do you hear that yeah this is a
construction uh what is it come over here what that leg ringing noise thing
yeah it’s like over here no it’s definitely coming from over here
wait it’s the device it’s that device look it’s charged it’s charged oh it’s
charged it must be fully charged look and it’s
like hanging something yeah I don’t know what it’s pinging hold on
it must be radio transmitting something hold on do you hear it it’s like they
walk over here must need a better signal in the sky or something
yeah maybe stand outside see it’s getting louder do you hear that yeah
look the signal is really strong here can you see that yeah but wait that’s
really strong what green light what is that
jinx wait no no I said at first I don’t know what that is but we gotta go find
that Cody and figure out what that thing is that by the pond we got two things to
do oh by the way sure if you didn’t see in last vlog we found this iPhone type
of device stuck in the power box but it turns out it wasn’t even part of the
power box someone put it in there locked it shut and didn’t think we would find
it at all but we did yeah and you guys also saw that we found even more
evidence in the woods so we scraped fingerprints off it and
sent it to a lab to figure out whose fingerprints those were that’s right
Sharers we were getting so so so close to finding out who the Game Master is who
this device belongs to who has been messing around the Sharer Fam house and
well we don’t know if the coyote has anything to do the Game Master but it
could it could be the Game Masters the head it could be so we better go find
out we gotta track that thing down before it gets too far across the road
all right let’s get our shoes on grace let’s get going yeah let’s go come on
grace let’s go we got a lot to do well let me check the signal yeah yeah it
looks like every time I hold it here it’s pointing to them whatever that
thing is down at the pond we got to get going grace yeah but we nee keep at an
eye out for the coyote wait do you hear that howling noise uh a little bit why I
can’t tell fits the win or like the coyote going do Coyotes make howling
noises I don’t even know Sharers Coyotes aren’t supposed to be in Virginia at all
so I don’t know how they got here but um they’re definitely not supposed to be
here so they’re actually very dangerous to animals and stuff in the backyard so
we’ve got to be careful with our dog so it looks like the coyote went in that
trailer there so we should probably go that way okay let’s go check the trail
real quick and then let me just see if my tracker things still working over
here Oh careful oh it’s really muddy it’s really muddy okay with this iPhone
radio tracker device things still working so I think there might be
another clue back this way not exactly sure but uh let’s just check this out
real quick grace Oh actually grace since it’s money out we can
check the ground to see if that Cody came into our yard at all oh yeah you’re
right so Sharers if we scan the ground we can check for footprints I think we’re
okay let’s just go back this way real quick we got to make sure that the code
is not in the backyard right now just in case because we don’t want them coming
back and coming after baby otter or the new puppy oh you’re sure by the way we
don’t need a name for the new puppy so calm down some great name ideas and
maybe we’ll pick yours oh hang on we got like a type of footprint there something
there we’re definitely on the same path that Cody was on ways I can see what the
coyote went on the same path as those blue markers you’re right
blue markers there and it crossed the river thing about here and then the blue
markers on the tree down there what if it’s not a coyote and like the
Game Master’s dog or pet wait a second I never thought about that grace the
Game Master could have a pet yeah be good oh wait hang on this thing’s doing
something funky whoa what does that mean I don’t know which had my phone on me so
I could look it up uh what do you do yeah yeah it’s like it’s this is pinging
something it’s paying some sort of device now that it’s charged it’s
computing something like a radio transmitter there must be a radio tower
nearby wait a radio tower I don’t even know what that looks like
yeah I don’t know where we’re gonna find a radio station around here wait a
second that’s a XM yeah that’s satellite radio there must be a satellite around
here that’s pinging off of wait X M what you’re eight look sure it says X emmonak
you’re right and there’s an X M serious whatever satellite radio thing yeah in
order for this thing to work it’s got to be pinging off some sort of
satellite and all it needs is a clear view of the sky which means we’re
underneath trees right now that’s why it’s not working great we got a step
back into the yard and then there’ll be a clear signal that makes sense Sharers
all satellite transmitting devices need a clear view of the eastern sky and gray
so we can’t get a clear view of the sky for in the woods here come back out here
I should pick up a little bit better here we go grace we got it check it out
we got more of a ping yeah so we should follow it and walk around until the pain
gets louder and then the Baris get higher
the clear the sky the better we’ll get past this tree here that’s true there
once we get past all these trees it should open up wait that thing by the
pun is really bright yeah it hurt what is that hurts my eyes
look this thing is literally beeping it’s super strong signal we’re getting
closer grace I wonder if it’s happening down by the pond no I think that’s just
trash you’re like birth is this line or something unless somebody puts on the
air but it doesn’t make sense hold on this is where we found the
device let’s open this thing up grace open that box yeah we never locked it
back up here’s a lock that we broke this is the lock we broke but because we
broke up we couldn’t walk see it looks like everything’s good yeah
I don’t think anyone’s touched it since have they I don’t think so
yeah it doesn’t look like anyone’s been back this signal is pretty strong here
it’s a four out of five bars so we’re getting close to whatever this thing is
pinging off of let’s go back this way grace I’m telling you grace it’s pinging
off whatever that thing is down by the part I really don’t think that’s
anything it just looks like a shiny balloon grace it’s got to be something
we’re getting a super strong signal this thing is really yeah look it’s almost
five bars grates come on this is something actually so bright oh it’s
really bright can you see that thing I can’t it’s really bright and it hurts my
eyes to look at sure look at that thing it’s so bright it’s reflecting from the sun!
wait a second grace what the Sun yeah rises in the east and sets in the west
it’s reflecting off that Sun right there yeah that Suns in the east uh-huh and a
satellite needs a clear view of the eastern hemisphere right so think about
it grace this has got to be some sort of satellite thing that’s pinging this
thing to go there to reach all the way up to outer space
that’s what satellites do come over here we gotta check this out well let’s just
look at it look at this thing it’s so bright careful you might not want to
stare at it I don’t know what kind of like thing it’s like reflecting off of
okay Steve I have my eyes covered I’m not looking at the thing oh okay
protecting my eyes oh right okay hold on Cera’s get ready to look at this thing
you ready grace yeah three two one show the Sharers sure there it is what is
it’s gotta be a satellite dish you think hold on we probably don’t want to get in
front of it it would be like transmitting something careful don’t
stay in front of it grace in this way you don’t want to cross this path
because it could be transmitting something but this is how a satellite
dish works it takes the clear view of the eastern hemisphere it’s taking that
sunlight it’s bouncing in here and this thing is processing data what’s going on
put the satellite dish here is transmitting something grace and this
thing is a mobile communicator watch out disciplines coming yeah it was moving
but I think it was just the wind hopefully yeah let’s just hope so sure
it’s like I was saying this is some sort of mobile transmitter device it’s like
an iPhone but because as an antenna it’s even stronger and it looks like it
actually works with this satellite dish so whoever planted all the stuff here is
communicating with something much bigger than we expected so you think they’re
communicating up to something in outer space
I would only assume I mean all satellite dishes reach something up in outer space
so I’m not really sure where to go from here grace what evidence can we scrape
off this thing I have no idea so I guess we just wait for the fingerprints from
the lab results to come back in hi yes Oh grace don’t stand in front of it be
careful oh look this thing is strong do you see the green stuff that is
reflecting I hope it didn’t process data on me or anything I’m not sure what is
on this thing grace but because it’s so green and so bright I’m afraid it might
be kryptonite wait a second I think I found our next clue look right behind
you that wire it’s leading up to the satellite we need to following that wire
goes hold on something’s not right here grace what if they went through the
efforts to hide all these transmitting devices why would they not vary this
electricity cord but maybe they didn’t have time to bury
the evidence or something should we follow it yeah or do you think it’s like
a trap no I think we should follow it okay let’s go great by the way Sharers
this thing is working out but I don’t know how to use it so if you have any
ideas on how this thing works comment down below it looks like it’s
throwing codes and stuff but I have no idea what they mean we’ll see let’s just
follow this wire and see where it leads us – okay careful
underneath this water it really goes that far yeah look check this out it
goes all the way over top of this street here grace come on we gotta cross this
water somehow look it goes from here and then it looks like it goes all the way
to that telephone pole thing over there woah that looks like there’s another
communicator box up there you’re right I see something okay you’re right follow
my lead we’ll go down here whoa what look I think the Caddy mister come
through here check out that footprint right there that’s the coyote footprint
I think or whatever that animal was right there this must be where the
coyote cross river right before it went across the street that has to be the key
master’s pecker dog because the wire is going there to your right maybe the
Game Master was just calling his dog home yeah enough talking let’s just cross and
get to that box hey guys follow my lead if we cross here
oh just like this we can make it across one great they wait up for me
woah okay got it Oh see look at the Milvian what if he has
the lab tests oh is he turning into our neighborhood yeah he’s turning in grace
oh yeah maybe the lab results are back well come on grace we gotta cross you
got it grace come on oh it’s so muddy oh my shoe
oh wow well good into this grace we’re here whoa check this out what is this
what is it I don’t know some old rusty thing look I don’t know what that is but
Sharers I do know what this is and the extension cord goes all the way follow
this through all the way into this pipe thing here so grace whatever was set up
we made it woah yeah and I don’t know what this stuff is but um check all this
stuff out grace not only is it a box like that power box that was found by
the pond but it’s even bigger and it has these things on top and it’s
connected to telephone pole what is all this stuff yeah and look there’s a code
on it Chris is locked no it’s not yes look locked up there oh and it’s double
locked whoa all right hang on so it’s not locked here with a regular lock but
this thing’s double locked it’s not opening grace hold it let’s backtrack
for a second Cheers first we found this satellite radio
transmitter device locked in a power box down by the pond in our backyard grace
and I broke the lock off that thing we took this device out and we thought
it was like no good but it finally charged and then today it started
pinging we follow the pinging down to that kryptonite encrusted satellite dish
and then we followed that orange electrical cord all the way to this box
here grace the only thing I could think of is that this is some sort of power
box and I feel like whatever we’re dealing with is more than I expected
grace we’re dealing with some sort of kind of hacker network or something like
that Steve you think we’re dealing with a spy
network yeah grace I don’t know what else all this can mean you got the
satellite you got all this stuff here the only thing is I can’t get this open
so I guess grace in here Sharers comment this down below h30 one two this might
be a code for something other than that I don’t know what else we can find
yeah it’s such a heavy-duty thing there’s so many wires wait wait what
there’s a sign missing missing who’s missing wait deep it’s not a person
that’s missing it’s that device we have oh wait a second you’re right look at
that line it up boom this device was missing what does that mean though if
found do nocturnal well technically we didn’t turn on grace it was just turned
going already wait a second there’s a phone number here to 136 before 2:00
grace do you have your phone on you no my phone with me okay hang on this
couldn’t mean something missing this device has been missing for what was
this device do you think think about it whoever put the device in that lockbox
in our backyard is looking for it and knows it’s gone it
must be the most improper the spy network you’re right grace this was
behind they want it we got to get back yeah sure is we’re gonna get this device
back break it open and figure out who it belongs to make sure he that subscribe
button we’ll see you tomorrow so until then you know what to do they awesome
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