Galaxy S7 Reassembly – Screen Repair – Charging port fix – Battery replacement

Today we’re going to reassemble my torn
down Galaxy S7. ETrade Supply noticed that I destroyed my old screen during the removal
process and they were kind enough to send me out a replacement. So thank you very much
for that. Before I put this phone back together, let’s just appreciate for one quick second
how thick this aluminum frame is. And if you’ll remember, one of my complaints about the Nexus
6P was that none of the screws went into metal. If you look at this S7, all of the screws
go into metal. It is one very well built phone. The only downside is that since it’s glued
shut, it’s kind of hard to work on. So let’s get going. Like always, replacement tools
and replacement parts like screens and charging ports will be linked down in the video description
below. The fingerprint scanner will slide through the frame and then sit down in this
little slot that was built for it. The charging port also needs to slip through the frame
before we can put the screen back on. Push the charging port down into the little slot
itself at the bottom of the phone making sure that the buttons wrap around the front side.
There are two screws on the charging port and then make sure the buttons are sitting
down inside of the little groove that they’re made for; the Back button and the Menu button.
There should be a little bit of left over residue on the buttons themselves so they’ll
stick down and hold themselves tight. Now some of the replacement screens will come
with adhesive built into the panel, other screens will require double sided tape to
be set down inside of the frame. You can buy professional adhesive, I would recommend doing
that if you’re going to do this repair for customers. Here is a replacement screen. I’m
going to remove the protective plastic and then slip the screen connector through the
frame, making sure that the connector is not bent or pinched at all inside of the frame
itself. I’m going to use the ear piece to help line up the slot on the top of the screen
with the phone and then the Home button as well on the bottom, making sure that it all
sits tight down inside of the frame. It’s a perfect fit. Now we can work on the headphone
jack, slip that down inside of the groove and then put one screw on the side of that
as well. Now remember the charging port does connect to the bottom side of the motherboard
so clip that in and then you can set the motherboard down into place making sure not to pinch any
of the other connectors underneath the motherboard cuz we will need to plug those in. Once all
those connectors are on the right side of the phone we can take the fingerprint scanner
and press that down into the frame. Same thing with the power button and the screen itself.
Push the front facing camera down into its little slot. Same thing with the ear piece
and the front sensors. Then the volume buttons on the side also get plugged into the main
board. There are two wire cables that rest between the charging port and the motherboard
so get those down into place inside that little groove. And then we can take the battery,
it’s going to be the last thing that we plug in, and push that into the motherboard.
We can test the phone at this point which is a good idea to make sure everything is
functional before we put the back tape and put the back glass back down. Everything is
good. We’re going to turn the phone back off again. Flip it around and then put all
the back plastics on. I’m going to start down here with the loud speaker. Set that
into place, making sure that I don’t pinch any of the wire cables in the wrong spot.
Then the wireless charger goes on, and the top plastic piece. Then there are a bunch
of screws around the back side; get all those screwed into place. Then we have the funky
golden band aid, I’m going to put that back down into place. If anyone has any idea what
this is for please leave a comment down below. There are even some pre-drawn brackets for
it. I have no idea why they would put a gold sticker on there. There is professional adhesive
available for the rear backs. I will link that down in the video description below.
And everything is good. If you have any questions leave them down in the comments. Subscribe
if you haven’t already and follow me on Instagram and Twitter for behind the scenes
and future projects. And one big last thank you to ETrade Supply for sending me out the
replacement screen. Thank you so much for watching. Hope to see you around.

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99 thoughts on “Galaxy S7 Reassembly – Screen Repair – Charging port fix – Battery replacement

  1. While other tech channels are slowing down and losing quality and thought (cough- unbox therapy and techrax) yours is awesome and becoming even better!

  2. I was gonna say that maybe the gold sticker is like a warranty sticker, but I believe it has something to do with the wireless charging tech in the phone.

  3. By using professional adhesive doest it mean the device's waterproof functionality is the same as before?

  4. my heart races when i look at this phone. like seeing your crush, so seeing you mom holding a knife… or your gran holding a belt… aaahhhh… these emotions.

  5. i dont see the adhesive one here, sadly after only 2 weeks and having not dropped my phone i have somehow broken my lens, what type of adhesive do you use?

  6. with the OLED being so small, frail, and easy to destroy, what would the likelihood of a front glass replacement being successful? Would you even be able to heat the adhesive enough to separate the glass without cooking the digitizer? Just curious on your thoughts. Great videos! thanks VERY much for your efforts in this

  7. if the water goes inside the phone, golden sticker becomes light blue. it's way of Samsung to find out how deep your phone went inside water

  8. Would you recommend doing this if I just want to unbrand my phone? Or would I probably fuck it up? =P

  9. That gold ticket is a special ticket to go to the samsung factory where you can take all their latest and greatest technology and even stuff that hasn't come out yet!

  10. Hey man, I was wondering cab the charging port get pushed in… It is screwed in but? Also if so does that ruin the waterproof?

  11. I'm 98% positive the golden sticker is a warranty thing. If it's removed or tampered with and you send the phone in for a warranty claim and they see it removed or tampered then they won't accept your warranty claim, it voids instantly

  12. If I just left the crack on my screen would that be OK? or do I need to have it replaced (which is gonna be £190)?

  13. Hi, I enjoyed watching.I have this phone and the port is bad. i was thinking of chancing a repair but I think this is too complicated for me. Ok scary. (girl!) I can not pay $350. but I can get a wireless charger would you happen to know which is best. I am not savvy at all. I appreciate any help as I have 12% power left and have turned it off. Today is Tues.11/29/16 Thanks.

  14. this most likely a stupid question, but after a repair like this, the phone is no longer water resistant is it? I know some phones use a water repellent nano coating, so I was just wondering if you know.

  15. Hi Jerry, thanks for your detailed descriptions of tear down and reassembly. I replaced my screen on an Galaxy S7, and now the screen is not adhering to the frame properly- its lifting up at the edges. Is there any way to fix that, other than taking the whole screen off and re gluing it? Thanks!

  16. Is it absolutely necessary to remove the motherboard and battery to replace the LCD assembly? I just broke mine and am gonna attempt the repair to try and sell it.

  17. question. i have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and i just ordered the tools in the description but have no tape, im doing a battery replacement, is there any way my phone will be waterproof or resistant again? please reply with detail.

  18. what will happen if i replace it without turning the phone off the screen wont response and wont display anything

  19. if i replace my back on my s7 , the water resistance is pretty much gone right (only replaced the back and not the screen? @JerryRigEverything

  20. Outstanding step by step instructions. As I tore down the phone I began to think that it would never go back together, but putting it back together is the easy part. Thanks you for making it possible.

  21. replace all these parts and phone will not detect usb or charge any ideas or is the main board shot everything else works fine just wont charge even after replacing the port and battery for new

  22. Is there a way to make a clear back like some of the other glass back galaxy. If so are any of the plastic backing unnecessary? Would like to show off circuitry as much as possible.

  23. if i need capacitive button replacement. what exactly neds to be replacess is it the screen or that little charging port board?

  24. is it water resistant after reassembled please reply because i also reassembled my phone i dont know that it is now water resistant or not

  25. Hey bro my problem is that the back and menu buttons on my s7 don't works anymore (they don't light up and don't respond to my finger or my touch) if I change the charging port with those 2 buttons will they be back?

  26. Excellent vid! I replaced the screen on mine but now I can't get any LTE signal. Anybody know what the antenna wires are for? LTE or Wi-Fi. Thanks y'all!

  27. Any help? I replaced my screen and followed instructions as per video, but for some reason my phone won't work.. when I plug the charger in, the left side of the phone (side of battery) starts to heat up but nothing turns on. Any advice? No loose connections, no visible damage.

  28. Hey!
    My mom cracked MY phone! If give it to repair the screen,will I lose waterresistent?

  29. I have a question do you have to take apart the whole phone just to replace the screen??? Please answer!!!

  30. My samsung galaxy s7 has only started doing the following recently. It doesn't run out of battery when it gets to 0%. It never makes it to 0%. It randomly shuts off when i am using it. The phone could go out of battery at 30%, 73%, 56% etc. When i start up my s7 again it says that it is on 0%. This is very frustrating and instead of buying a new phone i'd rather repair this one. I have owned this phone for nearly 3 years and i bought it second hand. I want to try replacing the batter as shown in this video. Will this work??? Thank you for any help

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