Embodying Cellular Consciousness through Touch and Movement: A Body-Mind Centering Approach®

It’s awakening the cells to them self, which the brain cannot do. But there’s something about blood and skin and tissue and organs that feel them self. So it’s this cellular intelligence
that I’m wanting to share. And I’m not putting down
the nervous system learning which is where main funding
goes these days and all the hype and it’s important it’s great stuff, but it’s not where it starts. It starts with the egg and the sperm. And we go quite a long ways in our
embryological development before we get to the nerves. That’s how we heal the nerves, too. We go back underneath them
and we give it new information. Can you feel at the place of contact
whatever part of you is contacting something else other than space, that there’s a relationship? That the cells acknowledge each other
and the fluids acknowledge each other. And it’s looking at that breathing, when I
said “don’t focus your breath,”
it’s opening up the cells of the lungs to their own breathing. Cells breathing. The cells breathing are taking in the oxygen
and putting out the carbon dioxide but it’s not the taking in of the oxygen
from the air and the putting of it into the… out. It’s the cells themselves in their fluid sea
breathing. And so it doesn’t feel like breath in the
same way. It’s almost like not breathing. The tracking of the frontal lobe is a great
thing. It’s wonderful. But this is not about that. It’s about feeding the unconscious through
the unconscious and it takes time for that to reach… some kind of structural pattern. So if there’s a problem in the sacroiliac
joints, underneath it is a problem at the public symphysis. So you can do whatever you want to do back
here, unless you change between the legs,
it’s just going to go back. Because this is the primary joint between
the legs. So if…
if you connect through the back, you’re going to block between your spine and
your legs and you’re going to cut off the sacrum and
the coccyx from your head. But if you connect through here,
then your spine is free, head to coccyx. I’ve watched in yoga class over the years the first thing people do is to tighten the spine. Or ballet. Where the spine is not,
it stays free. So keeping the heart moving,
keeping the spine moving but not tightening. When you go back,
how your heart is not pushing your chest
but the heart is countering. Wherever you go with the lungs,
your heart is countering. When we don’t have change,
eventually we stop perceiving. So as soon as you change,
then you can perceive. So I wanna read the thing
that I was trying to paraphrase yesterday. And it’s not the whole thing. It’s one page but I’m just gonna
read the last couple paragraphs. This was written by Bonnie. “One of the principle characteristics of my teaching
is that I tend to teach both to the unconscious and the conscious in the student. For example, when I present an exploration in class, as soon as I feel the mind of the room resonate the consciousness or mindstate central to that exploration, I’ll move on to another exploration. The moving on might be premature for people in the class who do not recognize consciously that they were in that mindstate
or exactly what that mindstate was. They knew something happened
but they had no idea what it was. My intention in teaching this way
is so that what people have learned unconsciously will come out later in the circumstances of
their own lives. I sow the seed so that they can continue to
learn at home. It might not come to them for a year or two when all of a sudden they have some realization of their own. That way there is an excitement about discovering
something themselves rather than it just being another piece of
information that has been given to them. I try to slip it in under the consciousness while still giving people enough of a conscious experience so that they can recreate it in some way or to be able to keep that doorway open
until the information comes through by itself through a personal experience.

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