Hi look at this baby
this new toy that brings us to be Colombia
spectacular so we have a new child already this criminal We are gonna give
one come on
climb that monkey a squeeze family welcome to today’s video
today I will teach you fast and simple how to do slow motion the same with your
phone the same with your camera so be one of slr input or one of slr pro lo
same with any device that you can record with the appropriate red frame
and we will use premiere pro but also after I taught you all this later
Let the law teach you everything you owe make it look delicious delicious
and rich as we do as we love in this channel do ‘lobby’ roll
be fine as we love in this win all the videos of all
Cinematic shots after I taught you all that law all that led to all
the laws and all the things they do you need to go travel with the
nuts I’m going to show you how to do the trap a trap that doesn’t always come out
but I will show you how to do slow motion fake something called
optical flow but first let’s learn to do the right thing let’s be civil civic and
let’s be polite and then we go to the trap ok the first thing you should know
this video that you are watching right now regardless of resolution if
it’s in four boxes like this one if it’s in 1080p that’s not important it’s in 24
frames per second which is the speed it is the most cinematic canon within the
audiovisual world in 24 frames per second is what looks more real more to
your eyes are in fact proven that beyond 30 frames per second your
eyes are not able to see therefore everything what you live above doesn’t feel
natural we are recording 24 frames by second maybe your camera or you
phone say 23,966 frames per second it’s the same approximate what are you 24 frames
per second 60 frames per second 120 240 depends on the power
this is the canon to speak for time real by calling it somehow in
that you are always going to establish yourself changed there film that is very important
as the lord of the rings’ is the end maker who did the cinematography of
lord of the rings’ i don’t work at 24 frames per second job at 48
working trying to find a feeling a little faster achieving effects
different and how do you know the movie is fantastic but 24 frames
per second your line will always be your guide where do you want to reinterpret everything
your content all your videos all audiovisual because it is the real time of
playback therefore if you to record in slow motion it is done on your phone
on your camera you will record at 60 frames per second to interpret at
50% at 120 frames per second 240 always you will take it to 24 frames
according to all this I teach it right now in premier ok and now that you understand that
24 frames per second is your goal to achieve that
perfect yes cinematic you want you must understand that all speeds
that you achieve must be higher to interpret them at 24 frames per second
don’t be scared I explain for example you camera has 60 frames per second
true for example you reinterpret it in premiere at 24 frames per second or whatever
that would be 50% and you will get for every second that you serious 60 frames
per second when reinterpreted to 24 you are going to get two seconds you go
understanding slow motion that is second color up to 60 frames will be
a slow motion of 2 seconds if it was 120 frames will be 4 seconds if you
camera has 240 frames or frames per second
you are going to have eight seconds you go understanding how the camera works
slow there are many ways to make camera slow there are people who simply reduce
speed all those ways
tend to change the frame break a bit and it doesn’t look I’ll teach you now
same how is it I’ll teach you how do it the exact way you always
you take it at 24 frames per second the key is to record at frames higher than
24 frames to reinterpret and something very important of the technical aspects of
the slow motion that you can’t leave at hand especially if you are using a
camera is the shutter speed by example as I said I am
working at 24 frames per second and I I’m shutting at 50 my speed
camera that is how the double
that’s the so-called double x 2 rule the 180 degree rule of a lot of
names therefore if you are recording 60 pictures what your camera has
for example to achieve a slow motion your shutter speed must be 1
120 bar double you get it if it is 240 it must be 480 that you have a camera
high speed phantom that does is 1000 frames per second as you
shutter speed has to to 2000 a madness true because that’s what
right so then when you you interpret at 24 frames per second you
look fluid and don’t look weird and don’t look with leaps you are not a rule and
indestructible breakable that you will die if you don’t do it but it will affect a lot
if you increase the speed of shutter you’ll feel too fast
and real your slow motion if it is very low for example 60 frames and you are
working at 60 shutter speed things are going to be blurred and you can
that you even think you broke the camera and you were your seams fear the
slow motion you understand simple to make slow cameras duplicates and
triple your frame break fourfold record 60 frames 120 4 240 frames and
duplicate is very important for two the speed of your frame rate 60 frame 120
shutter you already understand the opening and to the floor of your camera that that is
parts of the exhibition triangle are the basics of your camera
I already explained it to you in the last video I leave the card if you want to learn more
how to use shutter and its speed et cetera then to spend but good for
slow motion get on 60 420 42 40 pictures and we do what I’m going to
teach right now if you have a phone is the same the phone that
record all ships so what not you have to take speed into account
shutter because they already do from please that’s not good or bad
is luckily a poet but nothing we are going to reward working with this content
what did we do in the den that is the last video that I also have the
card here is the cardholder and pickaxe and let’s take this in slow motion
content that as you know it was delicious because the place is perfect ok let’s
see here we are in prize soon we will choose our clip that all as
can you realize let’s see here they are recorded in 60 frames 59.94 but it is
same that’s the frame rate that is recorded or
be at 60 frames per second to carry slow motion now simply
let’s modify interpret the footage as you realize once here in the
speed that has 59 we change down and we will put 24 fps or frames per
second already that clip is in slow motion you can drag it that simple
you put play and discount is in perfect slow motion with
simply do that process that you take exactly 24 frames let’s
reinterpret the above let’s say the same thing and they realize when what
we put in 60 pictures as states it’s so human it’s not in slow motion it
realize that although it is recorded 60 pictures if we don’t interpret it is going to
see in normal time understand now we will expand here to approve a
second way that I don’t like to click here
speed reallocation and now that bar that leaves there will leave you
handle the speed of your clip let’s put the 50% that supposedly is and if
they realize I don’t love it come on expanding I don’t love it doesn’t convince me
no it doesn’t feel the same as when we had 24 truth because we eliminated it
let’s reinterpret modify interpret footage apply the
next frequency 24 fps 23,900 76 which is the same and they realize when
we drag is already in slow motion and it’s just the same and it looks much more fluid
much more cinematic which is part of what we want to see something that I just
long ago is to give life somehow the clips we will choose a piece that
be interesting let’s go here over here this is fine let’s getham
we eliminate here and there it is we are going to remove the annoying audio and there it is
a clip that looks good but let’s give more interest and we will make a
small schumi 100% scale let’s raise it up to 110 percent
approximately this is a clip in 1080p we can’t corrupt it with so much
zoom and look like a camera shot slow well set slow motion and with
a good his mini takes a life huge is it reaches another planet
we can also with shift click choose all clips and do the same as if
we had a single right click to modify interpret footage and
at 24 fps and already all the clips of that line that we select in that folder
that everything was 60 frames all are in slow motion and with a well set slow motion
and a few animations of zhu ming of movement we reach a beat roll
simple as is below and this is the most optimal and most
efficient to make slow motion for we at premiere pro I hope that
have understood it seems to me that it is quite simple just understand the
principles and you will always do it perfect very important always when
you put it in slow motion as you gave the video counts the audio also happens
the same of linking in premiere audio product so that it doesn’t happen later
that you are in slow motion and it seems that you are finding nemo’s story and it says
show unlink and you can use that real-time audio if you want it or not
These are little details, usually I know I slow down in slow motion
we remove the audio directly and we work with music and we do all that
tasty sound design that always we do but just in case
keep in mind that is not that suddenly you find dori sailing in your
video and now let’s go to the part that I know that many of you were
the misdeeds part how to do slow motion or how to do inclusive
super slow cameras without cameras professionals or simply with the mobile
that I told you at the beginning that called optical flow that probably
they heard the whole tooth to get here Well, now I’m going to show you how to do
this trick this little trap that is not a trap but it’s something that normally
people do not understand to know normally you say well my camera doesn’t
120 pictures ago because I embarked I screwed up like we say in Cuba and it’s not like that
is there a way to solve that problem that sometimes works sometimes doesn’t work
sometimes it stays delicious in this same video of the den I stay I was
working with 180 that he only worked at 60 frames I made slow cameras of 120
pictures that sentence wow Well, I cheated sorry I’m
take the police end maker the fbi of office maker cat then
eye advice filmmaker express don’t have cats in the studio while recording
because cats suffer from nerves and nothing we will reward pro and I will
teach with that same content of the den
how to make the optical flow effect and how fake very important it is vital that
don’t have the content only in 24 because a decade will not look good if
30 frames if you have it in 60 frames it will almost always be delicious
to take it up to 120 and achieve the super slow motion but at 30 can
achieve slow motion of 50 to 60 fps is that are left delicious end to lets
we are going to look for a clip that look delicious with a super camera
slow this seems great to me That is enough if you realize already
is in slow motion already we reinterpret 59 to 24 frames to
make a slow motion there is the see but it would be super interesting with a
super slow motion that catches the smoke this would be spectacular ok let’s
pick a bit that is there is exactly with the key if we cut
to just isolate this part and here we have a clip in slow motion ready
for us to do our magic with optical flow the first thing we do here
where they see reallocation of time speed and let’s lower it 50 by
one hundred more than what is already going to take it to what they supposedly would be
120 frames, we really have this audio that we are going to be
if you play play you realize that it is a disaster that is what happened to you all
life is that you say I can’t because I know See how you realize it –
solution speed duration of this tab where it says optical flow there is
where you must press there happens the magic you accept will be put in
red and if you realize it hasn’t happened nothing because you still don’t understand the program
The effect you put on is not yet process selection and wait a second
to process here process fast because it’s just seconds if you click
white it will take longer and when finish look at this delight look at these
120 pictures out of nowhere we get it is spectacular no and here another super camera
slow from 120 to 240 frames something super interesting to know i’m at 120
paintings therefore I’m double 250 what the camera allows
Eph 71 so that the focus is well focused object of that is very important and
notice that so little light comes in with that configuration that I had to put the
iso to 2000 but that doesn’t stop there look at all the lights that I have to
put me to see that little one object
illuminated more or less those of notice that is up to a little exposed
that’s something really interesting indeed If I had a camera that made my
second body that was 2000 and had an f1 had to be so many
lights here that they would have to use up sunglasses I’ve seen it in cases
special look what else interesting and that was the trick so
now you owe me 20 pesos because that one doesn’t did you know not to get for example
give it to me and nothing family squeezing the silly I hope you have served this
tutorial I hope you learned to make slow motion the right way
and accurate to fit kinematic so they can use their
professional videos and even engage in that and can fake or
let’s say let’s go let’s change the vocabulary that we are a little
criminals on this channel to achieve super slow motion without having all
resources to have some cameras because the usual ones to have 120 plays
a camera are already one level cameras more pro and it is very expensive we don’t know the
six we know here in Cuba all they looked
so I hope it has served you I hope you know how to use it and if you liked it
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