Dual SIM microSD адаптер / удлинитель для Xiaomi Redmi Note / Mi Max / Гибридный слот Meizu Huawei

Hi everybody! Are going to buy a smartphone
with a hybrid slot for SIM cards? Or have you already bought it? Want to use 2 SIM cards and do not know have you enough internal memory? Do not rush to part with
the device you like. There is a solution! As always, our favorite store AliExpress comes to our aid! A special SIM adapter is sold here. It looks like this. This adapter is suitable
for most devices from Xiaomi, Meizu, Samsung, Huawei and other
manufacturers whose smartphones have got a controversial solution
in the form of a hybrid SIM / MicroSD slot. The cost of the adapter is small,
just over a dollar. There are three versions depending on the type of SIM card used. The device is extremely simple –
a small loop with a contact track in the form of nano-SIM and on
the other end a connector for the SIM card of the selected format – mini-SIM, micro-SIM or nano-SIM. The tail is very thin,
about 0.1 mm, which allows it to fit easily in the slot of
the SIM card connector. Given the overall “tenderness”
of the SIM-Extender, it is recommended to use it exclusively
together with a silicone or other cover. The case must sit tightly
on the phone and lock adapter, preventing its
displacement or damage. Next I turn to the demonstration
of how it all looks on example of my
smartphone Xiaomi Mi Max. On board it have 32 GB of memory and less than 24 GB available to user. After installing all the necessary
(and not so) applications there only 12 GB left. Not so much if there
is a need to download video or often have to use it like a camera. And what about those who
have 16 GB of memory at all? There are still many such models
on the market. Buy a version with 64 or 128
GB is not always justified by price. MicroSD with 32-64 GB is significantly
cheaper than the difference in price. And so, we order the
product on Aliexpress. The link will be in the
description under this video. We are waiting for a couple
weeks and receive the parcel. Unboxing parcel and prepare
device for installation. Checking that the SIM
card is suitable. If necessary, cut off or
install it in the adapter. We install the first
SIM card and microSD card. For reliability, you
can attach a contact zone in the form of nano-SIM,
but it is not necessary. In addition, it will complicate the
subsequent replacement of microSD, if such need arises. Therefore, I neatly place the contacts
over the microSD in the place where the real nano-SIM contacts
should be located and gently holding the edge of the slot,
installing it into the smartphone. We do everything slowly
so that nothing changes. All! Done. Now it remains to
verify the operability. Do not forget that this operation
must be done on the off state smartphone. Turn the phone on. We wait a while
it will be loaded. Booted. We see that both operators
are on the network. Checking our memory card. And there everything is fine. The memory card is visible and working. Now put the smartphone
in the cover. Done. And adapter is not visible. Here’s a way to use a
hybrid slot in a smartphone from Xiomi simultaneously with
two SIM-cards and microSD. Thank you for watching the video. Put Like if video was useful! Have questions – write
in the comments. Thanks to all. See you on my channel!

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