Cómo sacar SIM del iPhone sin la llave original

So you lost your iPhone key to remove the SIM card? Don’t worry, because today we’re gonna show you other method to do it. Hello, how you doin’. Welcome back to Alambrix IT. Today I bring to you this alternative very fast method to extract the iPhone SIM card… But first of all, requirements, what we’ll need is: -Piece of paper -Pin -Tape Take the paper and fold it like this, so we have a rectangle. Now we fold it like this, in a way we make a little paper square. The idea is to make a thick little square. Now we wrap the square with the tape to prevent it from losing its shape… We take the pin -attention! don’t mistake pin for needle, those don’t have the pinhead we need for this method. And well pierce the middle of the square. The idea is to insert pinhead there If pinhead doesn’t fit, you may assist yourself with a pen. After that, we’ll insert pinhead like this. Now we take iPhone with one hand and with the other, using the middle finger, and thumb to hold the pin… and index finger to push the square towards the SIM card tray. This way we’ve opened the SIM card tray without needing the original. If you liked this tutorial, remember to leave a like. Subscribe for more tutorials, unboxings, reviews and much more from the geek world. Remember to follow me on Facebook and Twitter, links on the description below. Thanks so much for watching this video. I’m Alambrix and I’ll see you on the next one.

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65 thoughts on “Cómo sacar SIM del iPhone sin la llave original

  1. Que mamadaaaaa, con el puto alfiler JAJAJAJA a marrazos saco esa madre pinche tutorial inservible yo lo abri con una pinche aguja o un arete y me pelo la verga

  2. Maomeno como se hace ¿se empuja hasta el fondo con fuerza o hay que apretar un botón que está adentro? Help me

  3. Está mariconada va a llegar a dos millones de visitas no puedo creerlo esto hasta yo pude haberlo hecho y ya sería rico maldita mierda

  4. 💔Ocupo tu Ayudad .Mi crochip(tarjeta sim) quedo Trabado(Atorado) Aun costado De mi celular es Alcatel,Es que así es mi celular💔💔 12112019

  5. Todos los celulares usan la misma llave esque tengo un samsung y iphone y uso la del samsung para los 2 diganme

  6. Tengo un Redmi Note 8, lo quise sacar con un palillo y la punta del palillo se quedó en el pequeño oyó, alguien sabe si puede pasar algo?

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