Chiropractic Care Services & Treatments : Cellular Bio-Cleanse in Chiropractic Care

Hi, my name is Dr. Steve Minors of Rehab Effects,
here in Austin, Texas. And today we will be discussing Cellular Bio-Cleanse. What is Cellular
Bio-Cleanse? It is essentially like a foot bath that a patient will put their feet in
and you’ll be seeing that in the next segment. We will actually be putting a patient in that
and you can see that. But it works a lot like a magnet in that it’s going to draw or pull
and cancel out and eliminate harmful free radicals and toxins that you have in the body.
These free radicals and toxins usually accumulate due to modern diets, high carbohydrate, transfats,
high fructose corn syrup, also stressful lifestyles, as well as a toxic environment. And these
are all things that put stressors or stress on the body. And they need to be eliminated
or alleviated. The feet has 1,000 to 2,000 pores. So we use the water medium along with
the Cellular Bio-Cleanse to help in achieving the elimination or canceling out of the free
radicals and the toxins. And as a result, this helps to balance the body pH, the acidity,
and alkaline balance that we have in the body, which needs to be maintained in order for
optimal function to occur. As well as achieving better energy levels. The more the body is
stressed and weighed down by these toxins and free radicals, usually the less energy
we have or the more energy we have to put into achieving the same level of activity.
And this is where the Cellular Bio-Cleanse can help.

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