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Welcome to a Pyramid Preview on the latest
Thematic Report, titled Cellular M2M Connections: An
Analysis of Growth Drivers, Market Segments, and Operator Approaches. During this preview,
we will explore the drivers of China’s M2M market
as the country becomes the largest cellular M2M market in
2013. China is expected to overtake the US to become
the largest cellular M2M market in 2013, with volumes
increasing by over 40% to reach just over 45 million. In 2017 Pyramid Research expects
total subscriptions to have grown to 138 million,
equivalent to 8.5% of all cellular subscriptions. The Chinese government strongly supports the
development of M2M, highlighting it as a key area in its
2011-2015 development plan. It wants to drive energy efficiency and support the potential
services for its huge population, such as transportation
and healthcare, as well as the domestic industry’s development to become a global leader in areas
such as module manufacturing, device design, software
development, cloud services and network services. It is notable, however, that the leading energy
supplier SGCC, prefers powerline technology over cellular. Cellular smart meters are not
expected to be a large opportunity in China.
China Mobile is the largest mobile network operator, it announced 683million subscriptions
as of mid 2012, and just under 10 percent are 3G. It
also announced that it had deployed 17 million M2M
terminals at this time. In 2010, China Mobile invested in a platform to provide centralized
operational support for M2M services across its network,
and developed product development processes to drive
the Internet of Things. Today it is the largest single network operator in terms of M2M by
number of subscriptions.
In the automotive sector China Mobile has partnered with several manufacturers for the
preinstallation of M2M modules to provide a range of services
in the business sector. It is also working closely with
local Governments in the development of ‘Wireless Cities,’ focusing on a number of areas including
city management, intelligent traffic control, healthcare,
employment service and industry control. It has
announced that it is working with 321 cities across China to develop Wireless City portals
for these applications.
China Unicom is a GSM and UMTS network operator, and it reported nearly 220 million subscriptions
in mid 2012, over 26% of which are 3G. It has
a strong position in the M2M space, largely because it
supports GSM, has focused on the area for some years, and has a strong partnership with
Telefonica Group. It started focusing on M2M in late
2010 following China Mobile’s announcement that it would
develop its own platform, and focused on a number of applications including smart metering,
utilities, smart homes and environmental monitoring.
China Unicom partnered with Telefonica in late 2011 around M2M. Initial collaboration
centered on procurement, service platforms, roaming, the
MNC segment and wholesale services. The 2011 agreement resulted in China Unicom working
with Telefonica’s digital business unit for the construction
and maintenance of M2M platforms and the development of technical specifications, as well as for
technical testing and procurement. In mid 2012 the partnership was extended to Australian
operator Telstra, focusing on the platform for remote
management. Telefonica has also announced a partnership
with platform provider Jasper Wireless to support global M2M services, and it is expected
that China Unicom would join this partnership also, enabling
it to offer local clients global M2M services. Cellular M2M Connections: An Analysis of Growth
Drivers, Market Segments and Operator Approaches looks at the developments in the cellular
M2M market, providing in-depth country, regional and
application-level forecasts underpinned by an in-depth analysis of some of the key drivers
and challenges that the market faces: This is
of particular importance given the variance in forecasts
available. Thank you very much for your interest in this
report, which is Part of Pyramid’s Thematic Report
Series and is available for purchase here at pyr.com. For more questions, please contact
a representative at one of our offices around
the world and we will be happy to assist you.

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