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We get dirty and
the world stays clean. That’s the mission. You can’t know war unless
you were asshole to elbow in some
shit bog full of traps. TAYLOR KUROSAKI: From Modern
Warfare, expectations are so high that coming in and
reimagining it from the top to the bottom is
humbling to say the least. I’m Taylor Kurosaki, the studio narrative
director at Infinity Ward. Now it’s my job to make sure
this game is everything the fans expect and hopefully a lot more. Today I have an opportunity to
sit down and chat with someone who has a similar challenge
and responsibility and that is Barry Sloane, the guy that’s
bringing to life one of the most beloved characters in
the Call of Duty series. Thanks for being here. BARRY SLOANE: Of course, mate.
It’s a pleasure. TAYLOR: What was it like for
you to be put into this role, and how does that
relate to your experiences playing Call of Duty
in the past? BARRY: I was very
drawn from Call of Duty 4, the first Modern
Warfare that came out. I had that as part of my
upbringing, my childhood, and then to become him has been just an
incredible experience. TAYLOR: I knew that if we found
a guy who could exude what I think we all have in our
collective memory of a guy that is Price, the ceiling
would be way higher. And I think that’s
what we got with you. BARRY: Obviously I wasn’t aware because you weren’t saying it
was Captain Price. You were just saying — I can’t remember
the name on the audition. TAYLOR: Commander Sykes. I knew in that
moment, I felt like, okay, this is this guy.
This is our Price. I wanted to be able to drop
your voice into a real thing that we were working on. And so I
couldn’t have you say “Under my command,
Commander Sykes.” So I crossed out
“Commander Sykes.” And I probably
shouldn’t of done this. It’s probably a total
breach of protocol and whatever. I just wanted to hear your
voice saying those words. So I crossed it
out, and I wrote, “Under my command,
Captain John Price.” BARRY: Yeah. I did remember saying,
“That’s a name drop.” Okay. Here we go. Under my command,
Captain John Price, you will have full
execute authority. One of the most exciting things
for me is the collaborative nature of what it takes to make
this and how many people are responsible for the performance. And I remember speaking to Mitch
who’s our technical adviser who I worked with before. He said no one
man can play Price. It takes an army. And it’s very much that.
And it has been from day one. I’m the first guy to ever
get to physically move him. So I have to find a way to make
this guy real and believable. And a guy who can
work in a 2019 scenario. Above all else he’s a protector.
He’s a guide. But I wanted to make
sure that in every scene I’m checking on
the person I’m with. But I try to make this Price be someone who
you would aspire to be. CAPTAIN PRICE: It’s not
over yet. Trust me. FARAH: I always have. BARRY: For you you’ve got not
just one character’s work to worry about. You have the entire
franchise on your shoulders. How did you feel about
having to take that on? TAYLOR: Our goal was to make
a game that gave all those feelings that we’ve had playing
the original series because we have to not just exceed the
expectations of what those other games were, we have to exceed
the expectations of what your memories were of
playing those games. BARRY:
Nostalgia’s a tough battle. TAYLOR: Yeah. We didn’t want it to
just be another one. We didn’t want it to just be it’s close enough
to the original games. A bunch of the original guys
that made Modern Warfare heard we were working on
it, and they were like, I want to be a part of that. So we got an infusion
of the original blood. And so I think we were prepared
to take on this huge undertaking and this huge honor. BARRY: As someone who
is a fan of gaming, who plays,
although I’m filming it, I’m still not part of the
process of making them. You’ve taken what was the
acceptable level in this genre and put it somewhere that people
are now gonna have to try and get close too because it’s
blown my mind what I’ve seen. I didn’t expect it to look
as incredible as it does. It’s really, really special. WOMAN: When can you brief? CAPTAIN PRICE: We just did. TAYLOR: So let’s talk
about embodying the man, being on the PCAP stage, making
a TV show or a film versus making a game and what
that experience means to you. BARRY: There’s much more
parallels to theater and video games because you’re being asked
to dispel belief in a similar way, you know what I mean? You know you’re going
into a make-believe world. Quite clearly, you’re
separated from it. But your brain allows you
to believe aspects are real. You can almost
touch it these days with the way video games look. And so that aspect of
bringing your audience to you, it feels like theater to
me in that sense as well. And certainly the way we film it because when you’re on a film
set or a TV set, you know — like, now I can
look at the camera. I can speak to the operator. Okay. This is probably a tight shot.
Hopefully, I’m getting it right. Somewhere around
here to about here. I know I’ve got
about this much space and then my frame cuts off. So I can manage my
shot or my performance for that particular shot. But when we shoot PCAP,
we have the whole room, and I don’t know what point
you’re gonna come in for the close up of Price or when you’re
gonna need to be super wide to get the feel of the scene. You have to be on
the whole time. You have to know the man or the
woman that you’re playing and be in there
locked in the whole time because it can be on
you when you don’t expect it. Like, Jeff will be there with
the camera making the shots, but that’s not
necessarily the shot. You can’t play to that
camera because it’s not there, so it’s like you have to
let him direct you through but not react to the
camera being there. KATE LASWELL: We’re
all just pawns in this. CAPTAIN PRICE: You
speak for yourself. TAYLOR: Talk about the training
you went through with Mitch. BARRY: It was tough, man. Mitch and Steve, they
both served on SEAL teams. And their way of educating
actors is to literally drop you into the the most realistic
version that is possible. A lot of my technique is
from him just in general. My shooting technique, the way I clean rooms
come from his techniques. Get down on the
fucking floor now! Get down on the fucking floor!
Stay there! TAYLOR: I mean, the war genre
in general, it’s a source of pressure for characters, right? You know this better than anyone
that pressure reveals character. And that’s what we try to put
our characters under is under pressure so that
they’re forced to evolve. They’re forced to overcome that
obstacle and get out of
their comfort zone. And so for us as
creators to work in that genre, that’s part of
making Call of Duty, and to not only empathize with
characters who are put under pressure and have to reveal
their true nature and to be forced to make those kinds of
choices and to do the thing that Mitch and Steve and
those guys always say which is to operate perfectly
in an imperfect situation. But now you go, here,
here’s the controller. Good luck. It’s been an honor
working with you, man. And I hope we get to keep
working together in the future. BARRY: Absolutely, mate. Absolutely. KYLE GARRICK: Where do we
drawn the line on this, sir? CAPTAIN PRICE: You draw the line
wherever you need it, sergeant. Purchase digitally and
get the XRK weapons pack. Play first on PS4.

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