BEAUTIFUL FedEx Boeing 777F FULL Flight into LAX at Night | X-Plane 11

what’s going on you guys I hope you guys
are having an awesome day welcome back to X plane 11 so today we’re gonna be
doing a flight from Memphis International Airport to LAX because I’m
actually gonna be troubleshooting the triple 7 I’ve been having some issues
with it and I tried doing a flight from LAX to Osaka last night and I lost all
Alderaan control of this plane so I couldn’t turn it auto pilot wouldn’t
work I couldn’t use the yoke nothing would work so right now I’m gonna be
doing a test flight from Memphis to LAX and I thought that this would be a good
idea to record the entire thing because it’s it’s a full flight you guys have
been asking for full flight scenario thing and I just want to thank you guys
for all the support that I’ve been getting recently too so hey you know you
guys want to see it and I’m gonna be doing it so might as well record it so
here we are so this is like I said it’s gonna be a test flight so I’m
experimenting with different plugins I’m using a different head shake I usually
use explain realistic but today since that is not compatible with these sounds
I’m using the BSS sounds for the flight vector triple 7 since it’s not
compatible with XP realistic I’m using a different head shape plugin and I will
go ahead and leave all the information to all the plugins and stuff I’m using
in the description so you guys can get them for yourselves so let’s go ahead
and get this thing fired up in texting away so we can take off and get off to
LAX operation complete go ahead and set the parking brake good connection kill in by go ahead and
start up engine one sit flaps two five hell is this connected and bypass pin
has been removed panting all right we’ll see you next time
and have a big fight go ahead and start up engine – all right looks like
everything is ready to go we can go ahead and taxi turn taxi light on turn
off the brakes and we are rolling man I love these sounds these sounds are
so good all right since it looks like there’s
not enough room for my wings to get through here I’m gonna go ahead and
cross this runway and taxi on the taxiway that’s right here so just to give you guys a little bit of
information about this Airport I’m not too educated on this Airport but this is
actually the airport that’s in the city that my dad grew up in so he knows a
fair amount and my grandmother used to work for American Airlines and I believe
she actually worked occasionally at this Airport for what she did but there is a
little bit of history when it comes to the aviation within my family that
resides here but when I did go to this Airport in real life the first time I
got to stay in a hotel that was right next to run away to seven so I got to
see all the heavies that FedEx has and operates take off up close and it was
super cool because I was you know insanely fascinated with aviation at
that age and everything so later I think the second time I went I was like 18 or
19 or something like that same experience in areas like that it was
really was really cool to sell the planes constantly taking off out of
Memphis especially since it is the FedEx Super Hub so it’s just weird seeing
literally hundreds of the same plane from the same airline operating all at
the same time just you know one after another just flying out it’s really cool
if you’ve never been to this Airport before but there’s pretty much like that
with any hub when there’s one major airline that operates out of that
specific Airport but we’re getting pretty close here to
runway two-seven this is it right here so I’m going to turn on to it and since we have no traffic I’m going
to go ahead and jump on here we are lined up and before we take off
on to make sure my trim is set and it’s not set that is definitely not said laughs one if you’re wondering what’s making the
sky clouds fog all that stuff look good that’s all ex enviro and I also have
reshape in the Marty McFly path tracing shaders give me that good colouring and
making everything blend so this is with it off this is on you can’t really see
too much because it’s dependent on light and shadowing to make the effect but if
I turn on the floodlights you probably get a better idea of it but it’s still
in beta so it doesn’t work too well with every single situation you’re in but it
works better in every single update so it will be free when it is out of beta
or early access but right now it is paid so I’ll go ahead and leave all that
information in the description of the video so you guys can get your hands on
that because a lot of you guys have been asking about that all right so we hit our top of descent
here and our cruising altitude was supposed to be flight level 3 5 0 and we
flew this flight at flight level 3 1 0 it’s not a big deal or anything but it
allows for the descent to be quicker or a lot more contained and easier I guess
so I went ahead and set the altitude to flight level two four zero and we’re
gonna go ahead and set the vertical speed so that it lines up with the
avatar Waypoint all right so we’re getting pretty close to the avatar
Waypoint so I’m gonna go ahead and drop the altitude to the next one which is
17,000 feet so I’m gonna go ahead and drop it down to that altitude right
there so we don’t have to worry about stepping down every single time we want
to get to another flight level all right I don’t know if when you get down to
17,000 that quickly so I’m gonna go ahead and see if I can set a bug to
15,000 or 14,000 for the what up or Neeley Waypoint so I’m gonna go ahead
and set it down to 14,000 see if I can align it with one of those alright so
after the CVI point we have the runway so I’m gonna go ahead and set the
altitude to zero and I’m going to align their vertical speed accordingly so that
our altitude aligns with the runway or our set altitude aligns with the runway
all right so I’m gonna go ahead and disable the autopilot and try to hand
fly it in from here on I’m gonna go ahead and leave the autothrottle on and
to disable it as we get closer to the ground so it looks like the flight plan
doesn’t perfectly line us up with two five so I’m deviating a little bit from
the line and I’m trying to line myself up with this dotted line that they give
us in the flight display so that’s why I’m trying to line us up with right now
looks like the lights filled up the entire area so far this looks pretty
insane and this really does but one thing I noticed about the triple
7 in comparison to the 737 is it’s almost as if you’re pulling a string
when maneuvering this plane whenever I maneuver the 737 for example
if I’m doing like a small turn I’m doing a 90 90 degree turn or something like
that it’s very easy the second I stopped turning the plane stops turning but the
thing is as soon as I stop turning the joystick or I stop pulling on the yogurt
whatever it may be in this in the triple 7 it keeps moving like if I just shove
it to the left a little bit it’s gonna like slowly stop moving to the left it’s
really weird because it’s like it’s almost like it’s heavy it’s almost like
it’s a big plane all right time for the fun part you’re down alright I’d say that was a c-plus
landing it definitely did float a little bit which is never good you guys
definitely gave me a lot of crap for that so I’m definitely getting a little
bit better at landing that’s for sure next plane I I used auto brakes I’m sure
you guys saw that I use the auto brakes this time so please give me some love
for that I I’m improving I’m improving at least alright I’m gonna go ahead and
turn the floods on so I can see little bit better alright well we have arrived
in Los Angeles I’m gonna go ahead and taxi over to the FedEx terminal so we
can shut down the plane so I’m actually surprised no issues at all with the
plane completely smooth no nothing it was I expected some sort of hiccups but
there was nothing wrong the plane at all I guess there was just some sort of
issue on my end with my computer or how I programmed the plane or something like
that but I don’t know what caused the issue it had to be a glitch with X plane
I guess because when I deactivated the autopilot nothing happened and when I
yanked on my yoke nothing happened so guess it was just a glitch and planes
fine but yeah I was really looking forward to doing that flight so it was
sukkah last night and everything like that I was gonna start the flight do my
little recording stuff like I usually do and go to bed because that’s usually how
I do flights like that I’ve done a lot of flights from LA San Francisco and
stuff to Japan where I start at like 1:00 a.m. and then I wake up the
following day like 9 a.m. 10 a.m. in real life and then I’m able to land the
plane in Japan during mid-day which is pretty cool so I love doing this kind of
flights and stuff they’re very fun very immersive because it’s like an
experience that doesn’t stop as soon as you go to bed because usually we never
play games I go to bed that’s the end of it but me sleeping is part of it so
that’s the fun thing about flight simulators it’s all in real-time
everything you do is in real time you know however much time you would spend
flying a plane in real life is how much time you would spend flying a plane in
the flight sim those are things that you don’t really see in
games at all honestly there aren’t very many games that have that one-to-one
scale that simulators have so it definitely gives you a respect for just
aviation in general the size of the earth many things many things all right got our guy guiding us in here and giving us a thumbs down all right
you’re innocent bumps down let’s go ahead and power down the engines but
before we do that gonna make sure I have APU on all right APU Zhaan
go ahead and shut these boys off all right changing generators there we
go all right well that was a good flight you guys it wasn’t supposed to be super
professional or anything like that it was meant for testing purposes because I
was having issues with it earlier but it was a full flight from Memphis all the
way to Los Angeles flawless no issues no hiccups perfect weather it was really
relaxing and everything so anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the video the next
video like this that I will be doing because I planned on doing it anyway
will be this exact same plane from this exact same spot but it’s gonna be going
from Los Angeles to Osaka that’s a 12-hour flight I should be
doing it within the next few days from now you guys should see it within the
next like 3 or 4 days so anyway if you guys are looking forward to that let me
know in the comments let me know if you guys want to see anything else on the
channel in regards to flights planes anything like that well let me know I am
happy to do it so anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the video don’t forget to leave
a like subscribe turn on notifications all that good stuff and I will see you
guys in the next video peace out

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14 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL FedEx Boeing 777F FULL Flight into LAX at Night | X-Plane 11

  1. Please check out the description for answers to general questions and leave a like if you enjoyed 😊!
    Skipping Hurts my algorithmic placement but let me help you🥺👉👈
    TAXI: 2:24
    TAKEOFF: 5:25
    CRUISE: 6:46
    TOP OF DESCENT: 8:25


  3. I’m a freshman in college studying aviation science. My goal is to fly the 777 for FedEx when I graduate. This is super dope! Thank you for this! It got me excited for the future!

  4. I don't mean to be negative but you fly this ply like FSX. can you watch FlightDeack2Sim videos to get some real-world procedures

  5. I also work for American Airlines… wish you could hear the startup and taxi of our 777-300ER up close and personal, it’s truly a sound like no other. You never get used to the bass vibrating the ground around you

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