Apple iPhone 12 – This Is It!

we’ve had a new renders and information
about the upcoming Apple iPhone 12 and I’m going to be sharing all the details
right after this if you’re new here on want to stay up to date with the latest
tech please hit subscribe followed by the bell so it’s incredible that this
early on we’re getting so much information about the iPhone 12 and I
have to say for Apple fans it’s looking incredible we’re also getting some
interesting designs from many concept artists and renderers so today we’re
going to be going through everything we know so far
notably the best concept we’ve had so far in my opinion of um concept creator
and concepts iPhone who have provided us at with some great cinematic videos
we’ll start with the bad news and then we’ll move on to everything well not bad
Apple have already announced an update for its investors to say that it’s going
to be less q2 profit for the company this is no doubt due to less sales now
this is of course due to the ongoing corona outbreak at will have advised
that their iPhone supply is temporarily constrained we can no doubt expect less
supply across current and future models unfortunately given that the outbreak is
still ongoing we’ve got no idea when this is going to end and the backlog
it’s going to create when it comes to the iPhone 12 though one thing we
haven’t had leaked yet is the name although we’re unlikely to see any
radical changes so we’re going to assume for this video that it’s called the
Apple iPhone 12 we’re expecting to get four new iPhone 12’s in the range which
is going to be two different iPhone 12’s the iPhone 12 pro and the iPhone 12 pro
max we’re expecting Apple to increase the display sizes on the most premium
models although those who want to smaller display are still going to have
an option reliable analyst ming Chi quo has advised that there’s going to be two
iPhone 12 versions the small iPhone 12 is going to have a 5.4 inch display and
the larger one will have a 6.1 inch we then get a 6.1 inch display which is the
iPhone 12 pro and a 6.7 inch display which is the iPhone 12 pro max
unlike last year however all models are reportedly gonna be using an OLED
display and the resolution will differ across the range the 6.1 inch iPhone 12
will likely have a lower resolution than the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 pro and while
there are rumors of Apple removing the knotch I really can’t see this happening
in typical Apple fashion we’re still expecting a full screen display with a
notch top center it’s too early for in display camera sensors and I can’t see
Apple going for a punch hole they also need a time-of-flight sensor on the
front for their 3d face unlock and while Apple did ditch the fingerprint scanner
on the iPhone 10 there were reports that it’s gonna be coming back in the form of
an in display fingerprint scanner there are reports suggesting that Apple are
also going to be increasing their refresh rates on the latest displays or
most phones have stuck to 60 Hertz displays it’s been changing recently and
Apple are also going to be joining this trend at this stage we don’t know if
they’re going to be using 90 Hertz 120 Hertz or even a mixture of the two
across the range when it comes to the rear of the device we’re expecting a
similar camera setup to last year but the more premium model will have more
cameras wing-t Kuo has again advised that both the iPhone 12 Pro and the
iPhone 12 Pro max are going to be adding time-of-flight cameras to the RAM for
those unaware time-of-flight cameras are 3d depth cameras and then what Apple
uses on the front for the 3d face unlock the time-of-flight sensors on the rear
however use slightly different technology that allow it to map 3d
objects from further away this significantly improves augmented reality
applications and allows for more improved portrait style photo and video
effects we’re likely going to see slight upgrades on the other cameras of the
iPhone 12s but given the great performance in its predecessor they
won’t be changing things too much reports are suggesting that the two more
budget models are going to have a dual camera setup or the iPhone 12 Pro and
the iPhone 12 pro max are going to have a quad camera setup with the inclusion
of the 3d depth camera the iPhone 12 is of course can be powered by the new a 14
Bionic processor this is actually manufactured using five nanometer
lithography which will bring significant improvements and there’s a good chance
that it will be first five nanometer chipset to hit the
market when it comes to ran the iPhone 12 pro max is expected to come with six
gigs of ram or the standard iphone 12 will only have four this is something
that I think Apple actually do well compared to Android manufacturers where
they throw in a necessarily large amount of memories causing the consumer to pay
for memory that they don’t even need when it comes to storage or expecting a
choice of 64 256 or 512 gigs of internal storage for the first time ever
consumers foul Apple did a great job in prioritizing the battery life on the
predecessor so hopefully that’s something that’s going to continue with
the iPhone 12 what graphene batteries are still out of the question that we
can expect a 5.4 inch iPhone 12 to be around 2800 milliamp hours the 6.1 inch
is probably going to be around 3150 and the 6.7 inch of contain around of 4300
milliamp hour battery one thing that is a little unknown at the moment is of
course 5g connectivity Apple are very bad when it comes to 5g thanks to
earlier issues with Qualcomm so we’re on tour at this stage if that’s something
we will see in the iPhone 12 is rumored that the iPhone 12 is going to have 5g
connectivity but there aren’t actually any leaks or reports to back that up the
open 12 is going to be IP 68 water resistant and it’s of course going to
ship with iOS 14 now when it comes to pricing we of course want lower prices
on the Apple iPhone 12 but it does seem unlikely we did however have this with
the predecessor when the base iPhone was actually cheaper than the XR so it’s not
impossible unfortunately material prices have
increased this year so I expect the smallest 5.4 inch iPhone to launch and
around 750 dollars or 800 pounds the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 to be around $900 or 950
pounds the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 Pro to be 1050 dollars or 1,100 pounds and finally
the 6.7 inch iPhone 12 Pro to be about $1200 or 1250 pounds of course it’s not
all about specs and we’re likely going to see some new software features or
improvements to the current features in iOS 14 the iPhone 12 is set
to launch in September as always and it’s always around the second week they
released so we can expect see the iPhone 12 range on either their 8th or the 15th
of September and the iPhone 12 will be released about 10 days afterwards of
course being so far away these are leaks and rumors but as more
information comes to light I’ll be sharing with you guys straight away as
always though I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments who out there
is waiting for the iPhone 12 and what model of the iPhone 12 you waiting for
but thanks for watching the video if you like to smash a thumbs up if you didn’t
hit the thumbs down twice and I’ll see you guys in the next one

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100 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 12 – This Is It!

  1. With standard 5G connectivity, huge screens, and outright insane camera specs, the Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra are virtually rendering the Note 20 irrelevant before the latter is even released.

  2. lol literally the new android galaxy zip is better because
    1 its low price
    2 its foldable
    3 its waterproof (mabye)
    4 it haves more gb

  3. Galaxy s20 all the way , I bet the new iPhone won’t have 120hz display , reverse wireless charging , 5G… y’all get my point . Been an apple fan for many years but enough is enough , Android is the clear winner here . Now it just seems apple copies android and even then it still takes them years to put there technology on the iPhones while the androids actually improve and are truly innovated with something new every year

  4. I personally hope it’s almost exactly like the 4s design.. they have started hinting older design
    5c-3GS. X-4-6 So I hope


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  6. 3 reasons why buying iPhones are a bad idea

    1.They have no THOT Protection

    2.Repair price costs as much as a used iPhone 11

    3.Features that got invented years before they added it in their phone

    I’m also gunna tell ya that they use SAMSUNG SCREENS FOR THEIR PHONES
    My iPhone XS Max dies faster than my fathers 15 dollar smart watch

  7. Can not believe all the money donated by Bill Gates and Microsoft in recent years. Apple only care about their Target🤬🤬🤬

  8. I’m stuck between buying the s20 or waiting for the iPhone 12, I’d go to Samsung but I don’t like the fact that they don’t support their older phones much. I have an iPhone 6s and it has been supported for 4 years, from what I heard Samsung only gives two years of updates

  9. I think they will still not chance the design from the 11 pros.

    i think the next iphone (pro) generation will bring:

    90 (or more) hz display
    new processors
    maybe they will finaly go usb c

    but thats all i guess. the 11 pro is for apple standarts a huge design step. it will at least be unchanched for one more generation. maybe the iphone 2021 will be the huge all new iphone without notch and a radical new design.

  10. I was near to but iPhone 11 pro max 512gb but i saw leaks for iPhone 12 pro and rumors says there's no more notch after that i saw all ppl talking about s20 ultra but i like notes in Samsung I'm using note 8 so idk which phone should i upgrade and (sorry if my English was bad lol) so wat r u saying guys I'm confused

  11. I’m a big Apple fan but for the love of God theres now way in hell. Samsung has gotten rid of their notch and has a built in fingerprint scanner in the screen. STEP IT UP APPLE!!!

  12. I wont buy a 1000$ dollar ugly notch when a honor 9x is completely notchless and costs 300$. It is ridiculous. Atleast they should hide the camera in a super slim rim at the top so it doesn't interfere with the screen. Like in the renders in the video. That would be a great design.

  13. So basically this video is telling us that. It’s gonna look basically the same with an additional pointless camera. And an a14 chipset that will be so powerful it can run any type of game at any type of settings just like the a13 lol with no games coming close to using it. 😂😂😂. Where’s the graphically complex games at man. They keep getting more powerful and more powerful but since the iPhone X u can’t even tell a difference. But that’s another story.

  14. Sounds and it looks so awesome but I just bought my iPhone 11 on December and it’s too soon 😭😭 we’ll see how it’s going to be.

  15. Apples logic be like "lets make the same phone every year except we remove something and add an extra camera and make the phone super expensive,"… and hell if you really care about photos get a camera

  16. You have a very annoying tone to your voice, why do you lower your voice last word it’s horrible. Talk normally please…

  17. Here in 2020 they might just make the notch smaller but i doubt it if it's going away right now.. maybe in the next couple years expect it to be gone but not this soon

  18. I love my apple but it really will depend on how much apple steps it up on the 12 on whether or not I will switch to Samsung and learn that phone.

  19. I’m about to give up on Apple. Tired of getting iPhones that are basically mediocre. Android offers more. Samsung is doing well with the flagships. Thinking of getting a note 20. I’m ready for something different. Apple is boring now lol. Same old same old. If they actually have a full display and fingerprint scanner I’ll think about staying. I’d like the option to unlock the phone. “Jailbreak” have more customization.

  20. Ugh I just got the 11. I wanted to get the 22 pro max. But the change in charging port makes me uncomfortable. What about people without AirPods? Idk.

  21. Dude u got alot of wit. “Hit the 👎🏾 button twice😂. I see wat u did there. Like if u see wat he did there.

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