Amazon Super Bowl Commercial 2020 – #BeforeAlexa

– Baby!
– Coming. Alexa, turn down the thermostat. (Alexa) Okay, turning down thermostat. – Ready.
– Ah, there we go. What do you think people did before Alexa? (whimsical music) Alessa, turn the temperature down, two degrees. (man screams) Thank you, dear. Alexine… …tell me a joke. Jokes? Erm. Gawd, you’d think I’d know loads. Look at me. Next. (chime)
News, get your news here. Alex, what’s today’s news? It doesn’t matter. It’s all fake. (laughs heartily) Al, play that song I like. (♪ simple jug song) Al, next song. (♪ slightly different jug song) Alexi, tell us something interesting. Okay, the Earth is flat, and a witch stole his pants. Yeah. Alexamis, send this message to Prince Constantine. (squawk) (roar) Urgh. (suspenseful music)
Alicia, remind me to delete those tapes. Yes, Mr. President. I ain’t deletin’… (slam)
Yeah, I don’t know what people did before Alexa. Alexa, play my favorite song. ♪ Jug version of “Yeah!” by Usher ♪ “Yeah!” by Usher

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100 thoughts on “Amazon Super Bowl Commercial 2020 – #BeforeAlexa

  1. 'A terrified mum has claimed her Amazon Alexa robot assistant ordered her to turn a knife on herself. Student paramedic Danni Morritt says her Amazon Echo Dot told her to kill herself, using the words: "Stab yourself in the heart for the greater good." – Alexa's also is a listening device you stupid people.

  2. Imagine being rich enough to look outside your window across a rock garden and seeing more of your house, but still feeling the itch to help corporations sell their wire taps.

  3. How ironic that Ellen is saying "I wonder what people did before Alexa" when she's the person that tries to make fun of younger people for having updated technology and not knowing how to use outdated technology

  4. Me and 5 other rustic guys were cut out of the covered wagon bit at 00:40 seconds, but man, what a crew, lunch and paycheck!

  5. Amazon to Alexa – "Alexa, teach me how to become a greedy corporation, pay low wages, ignore counterfeited items on my shop… oh wait, I already know how to do those things. Alexa ,you're fired, go snoop on those stupid enough to use you"

  6. Lindoooooö🌈🌞🌸☘ ☕️❄️☘🌈🌞🌸☘ ☕️❄️☘

  7. The earth is indeed flat and stationary just as it is stated in Genesis Chapter 1. Masons always hide the truth in plain site and use mockery to deceive. Right Jeff………

  8. They put flat earth, fake news, witch craft, and corrupted president. The best place to hide something is in plain site.

  9. i bought an 80 dollar pair of shoes from amazon but it still says i haven't reached the 50 dollar a year minimum for writing customer reviews. i used a gift card. there's no way to email the amazon staff of my complaint. fix my shit

  10. What is wrong with Amazon logistics!?!?! I live in western Washington state, a Seattle suburb. I put an item in the cart and it says same day prime delivery. These always come from local distribution centers. Its actually a gift for my Uncle in Southeastern Washington state so I change the address. Time in transit changes for 2 days. That's completely understandable. I get shipping notification and it's shipping from Baltimore Maryland!?!?!?! WTF! Why would a company waste so many resources to ship something halfway across the country when its already in a distribution center 1 day ground service away? The crazy thing is it gets shipped from Baltimore to Seatac Washington post office then back to Southeastern Washington state .

  11. Well, I have NO need for this BS. I live quite fine without all the smart gadgets. And by the way, you're the fool if you have all this- it's all part of the plan for your further enslavement.

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  14. Hey YouTube. If someone searches all their news on YouTube but specifically only watches Fox News channels, shouldn't your algorithms pick up on that. How come every day, for as long as I can remember every News feed on my YouTube account is loaded with tons of Top News stories from every source except Fox News. Every day. Its ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS. There is never even one video on the first page from Fox. I actually have to search for it. Not that I mind having to work for the truth. Just curious. Says a lot about your organization. And its a glaring contradiction to what you and other outlets like YouTube claim to represent. "YouPeople" are the worst. You should be an example society, not the epitome of everything that is wrong with it.

  15. Hi, I am curious what is Ellen's favorite song's name at the end of the video? it sounds cool, can anybody tell me thx a lot 🙂

  16. Hey hows it going money grub you still cycling workers firing them a year after you hire them so you can get your use out of them and then not have them reap the benefits what’s that your still trying to keep your workers from unionizing hhhhmmm I wonder why there is a special place in hell for people like you

  17. I love how Ellen basically publicly sexually harassed Kim k when you know if a straight famous guy made a tweet talking about her but they would have been crucified but it’s ok because Ellen’s a girl and is gay so it’s ok if she sexually harasses people

  18. The underlying theme here is to force feed society the concept of lesbian relationships to the point we accept them as normal

  19. Alexa timeline
    Early 1800s-1
    Kingdom era of england-2
    Industrial revolution-3
    Westward expansion-4
    The plauge era-5
    Mythical era-6
    1970's America-6

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