AirPods 2 New Features: Hey Siri, Wireless Charging, & More!

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63 thoughts on “AirPods 2 New Features: Hey Siri, Wireless Charging, & More!

  1. Those Airpods are basically the same like the first ones… Just another way for Apple to extort money from their customers…

  2. iPhone owners – are you picking up the new Apple AirPods? Watch this next – how to set up AirPods!

  3. I’m hoping there’s a one more thing next Monday that involves game streaming… I think they need to step into this new future of gaming…I want to be able to play AAA games on my iPad/iPhone.

  4. Apple literally made nothing game changing for people to want to upgrade there airpods to the so called airpods 2 apple is losing its touch

  5. I see so many people with AirPods in their ears when I’m out. It’s just funny to me because I’ve had them since launch and there was a lot of hate at first. I’m a day one AirPod soldier. Y’all just catching up 😆

  6. ANDRUUUUUUUU! With that being said, I ordered a pair this morning. Just give me some good sound, decent life, and not getting busted at the gym.

  7. A recent report gained traction on Medium discussing whether Apple AirPods cause cancer through radiation.
    This data is based on a petition to the United Nations and the World Health Organization that was signed in 2015.
    Some experts argue that the level of radiation emitted from Bluetooth wireless devices is dangerous. However, other experts state that the levels of radiation are less than cell phones and we should be fine using wireless headphones.
    Last week, some tech fans became concerned after freelance writer Markham Heid published an article on Medium that examined the safety of AirPods and similar wireless Bluetooth headphones. The piece, which gained traction online and was recently covered by other news outlets, had some questioning: Do AirPods actually cause cancer? The answer isn't simple. Here, we break it down.

    In his piece, Heid spoke with Jerry Phillips, a professor of biochemistry at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, who said, “My concern for AirPods is that their placement in the ear canal exposes tissues in the head to relatively high levels of radiofrequency radiation."

    However, Phillips clarified that the risk is not solely limited to AirPods, but that there also is evidence for "potential concerns for human health and development from all technologies that operate at radio frequencies." Those may include cellphones, cordless phones, cell towers, radio, Wi-Fi, and more.

  8. I think I have the first airpods but, when I put them in I can say “hey Siri” and Siri responds. So I’m not sure what airpods I have! Lol

  9. Well they should've had wireless charging as an option on the AirPods from the beginning.
    #Hey(silence) LOL
    Why are they still doing iPod?
    I'd be surprised if they don't show the Air Power soon.

    Honestly, the "new" Air Pods are basically a 1.5 and not really a 2.0 as some are referring them as.
    They should've also discontinued the older model, sell this 2019 model with the wireless charging case for like $150.
    I think more people would buy it then.

  10. If i buy the new wireless charging airpods can i just put the case with the airpods in on my macbook pro 2018 and it will charge?

  11. I love watching videos about things that I cant buy ( cant even afford airpods even though I'm a samsung user and the airpods 2 are coming out and I cant afford the first one

  12. Might concider buying them I never bothered with the airpods and still using wired headphones because the phones battery suck and in no form in keeping them charged etc might bite the bullet

  13. Can you only charge with the s10 or older Samsung's and should I buy these since I don't have the ogs or wait for next near

  14. I guess I have AirPods 2 Bc I have “Hey Siri” and I think wireless charging Bc on the box it said “Wireless Charging”

  15. Returned my AirPods 2 after 4 days, as the charging case was draining 20-30% a night even though pods were 100%.. They were out of stock , so the so called Genius said best to return them and reorder once stock is back… They said they haven't heard of case issues, but I think they are instructed to never admit fault. He pretty much took my word for it that case was draining… Any one else have similar issue ( brand new $300 here in Canada earphones better work dammit lol)

  16. i bought AirPods 2, and I have iphone 6plus, i am unable to use hey siri support, always have to tap. is it not compatible?

  17. I got my AirPods yesterday and they are really good but they’re expensive in Canada for just the new normal AirPods it’s 219 and with wireless charging it’s 269 so I went and bought the wireless version

  18. Did anyone else get the ios 13 public beta and try the hey Siri with the first airpods to be released. I works with mine. No need to upgrade.

  19. i’ve been wanting airpods for a while now and i think for my birthday or christmas i’ll ask for some i’m just worried that they won’t fit in my ear and will be falling out

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