4 Most Awkward Wife Swap Moments 😬 Paramount Network

Welcome to our house. Thank you. Are you part Indian? This here is our outdoor shower. Shower? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Okay, okay. So, we have this thing
right here. Oh, God. And we have a little shower tent
that we put right here. That outdoor shower, although
I’m sure it can be amazing, it’s a bit rustic. Oh yeah. Yeah, so… you know, and it’s got
lots of hot water, so… Okay. Yeah. You know, this is as different
from my life as it could possibly ever be. So, the most important question
that I have for you, Justin… Mm-hmm (affirmative). Where am I going to sleep? Meeting Nicole,
there was some awkwardness. You got any questions? Just trying to come up
with something to talk about. So, where’s the sixth child? Jace is at football practice, which happens
right after school. Meeting the family
for the first time was actually pretty cool, but they were
a little standoffish. I would think they would be
excited about meeting me, and they would ask them
questions, and they didn’t. My husband plays drums,
and we’re in a band. So Hagan, this is
Terrell. Terrell is actually going to be
your chaperone tonight. Okay. Well, let’s go guys.
Where are we going? I’m chaperoning
my first date, and it’s definitely
a different experience, especially chaperoning
a 16 year old’s date on her 16th birthday.
In all honesty, how do you feel about
the chaperone rule, and… It annoys me sometimes. I kind of just want it
to be us two on a date, before we’re actually adults. Yeah. I feel like Hagan and I
should have time to ourselves, because it’s us two
that are dating, and not this other person. Hey, do you want
your present now? You know, on her 16th birthday,
my grandma gave that to my mom. I’m going to cry. Oh, geez. Did she have a certain finger
that she put it on, or what? I don’t know where she put it,
but… Well, I don’t know either. That should have been a moment they were able
to share together, so it was a little awkward
for me sitting in the middle, while he kind of gives her
something so special. And after sitting down
with those two, I think that they would do
completely fine without a chaperone.
That was sweet. What kind of work do you do? I’m a Battalion Chief
with the fire department, one of the largest
in the Metro Atlanta area. I want to be a firefighter. You want to be a firefighter? Firefighters, they’re always
sitting around playing cards
doing nothing. Meeting Jack is
definitely interesting. I’m thinking
he’s such a caveman. He’s so rude. So, let’s get right
to the point. Yeah. Do you cook? No. Jack, do you cook? No. You can’t cook,
or you don’t want to cook? Cooking is for women. Wow, okay.
So, in Misty’s manual, she mentioned a saying you have
about the old bar needing a new coat of paint. You see, women that wear
absolutely no makeup at all, and they might need
a little something something. My wife, she’ll put on makeup
before I get home, and look all nice. I normally don’t.
I normally don’t. Well, we’ll see how you look

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100 thoughts on “4 Most Awkward Wife Swap Moments 😬 Paramount Network

  1. “Cooking is for women” okay the only way I would marry an ass hat like him is if I was forced and if I was . Well, I’d cook him a whole lot of stuff that I knew would making him shit his brains out/ make him sick ALL the time.

  2. I’d like to see his fat ass throw on a firefighter suit, slide down a long ass pole, carry a hundred pound hose, break down doors with an axe, and carry literal body’s out of a burning building…the fact that he said “fire fighters are lazy” pisses me off..as if you all couldn’t tell 😂

  3. I mean Jack is maybey a bit extreme but he is right Woman are supposed to take care if the kids and men are working that is nature

  4. 2:30…not tryna judge but imma go ahead…giving something special like that to some 16 year old high school girlfriend who you've probably been dating less than a year, idk man…I wouldn't.

  5. This show is so fucking stupid. There is not 1 episode of this show where 1 out of 4 people do not need punched in their fucking teeth. That dude at the end of this definitely needs his teeth kicked in

  6. chaperoning is great, but he should sit at a different table to give them privacy. even Michael Corleone got to walk with Apollonia with the family behind them

  7. "We'll see how you look tomorrah"

    Dude, I think you should be more worried about how you look on internationally broadcast TV 😂

  8. That dude is basically the physical image of the sexist comments left by men in the comment section.

    Cooking for women?! My wife should always be wearing makeup, before I come home?!!!

    The faq?!

    You want a pretty maid then? Not a wife.

    I hope their daughters venture out and learn that that’s not what all they are. Trash father I guess too

  9. “We’ll see how you look tomorrow “ .. uhm.. Jack, have you seen how you look? Lmfao. Your rudeness and backward mindset makes it worse, choose one struggle please

  10. This last dude is straight up living in the 1950s, good lord. If I were the lady there I’d have went off but man, she was awesome for keeping her cool

  11. To be fair to the last guy, most marry men are grandmasters in dungeons and dragons, I mean waking next to a girl who has bed face and hes like, back ye foul beast 🤺🤺🤺

  12. That’s so weird, the chevron thing. And those kids are far too young to be in love. That Jack guy is a total BETA. An alpha wouldn’t treat his wife like that.

  13. Is this the same Wife Swap with King Curtis? Idk if TV shows are allowed to have the same name as ones that have been taken off the air after a certain amount of time. This show was my after school jam in middle and high school.

  14. I wonder if the last guy has a job after this aired. In that short clip he did say a lot that has potential to land someone in the HR office for a pamphlet at the very least, just imagine a full hour of it!

  15. I never watched this show until I saw the a clip of the dude and the firefighter some time back. I had to watch that episode. Aaand watching that episode insured I would never watch another.
    Now, Youtube, why the flying pug was this in my recoms?

  16. Ok dude, you're watching 2 kids out on a date. I don't think you have to sit at the table with them. You could've sat alone at another table away at a distance and just keep an eye on them

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  18. GORDAN RAMSEY IS QUAKING. But seriously, if someone disrespected the firefighters in 9/11 I bet this dude would bust a gasket.

  19. Who cares about the Indian or cooking comment, that's normal conversation, but the make up bit is insane. ' ok well we will see what you look like tomorow', he will still look ugly in the morning what's he going to do to look more handsome.

  20. 911 what’s your emergency

    Yeah hello? My house is on fire!

    Sorry sir we can’t respond right now


    Yeah we’re, we’re in the middle of UNO

  21. He actually guessed right that she’s part Indian cause in the full episode she said yes 😂. He’s so obnoxious and rude though.

  22. LOL a skinny babe, black even, a chief?!?!? Yeah thats not forced via PC culture! Oh im wrong?!? Yeah bc she worked her way there by carrying heavy ass dudes out of burning buildings and bustin heavy ass equipment around right?!?!

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