1oT eSIM Video Series #1: 1oT eSIM Demo at Mobile World Congress 2019

1oT is at Mobile World Congress
demoing our eSIM launched in collaboration with G+D Mobile Security.
Here I have with me Rameez who will do a quick demo of our platform.
Thank you Andrew, so as you can see we have been making life easier for our
clients and we took another initiative and we extended our
connectivity platform to become an eSIM platform in addition of the previous
services. So here as you can see we have different SIM cards referred with their
ICCIDs but then eSIMs have their specific eID that’s their unique
identification number. So what we have added here to manage your eSIM is that once you click the view profiles button you can see all the profiles that
have been downloaded on your eSIM and which are available to be downloaded.
So how we want to make it work is that once your device lands in some country, based
on the location services our platform will know where the devices and then it
will recommend you the profiles you should download. I’ll show you how the download works out if you press this download button you can
simply download the profile and what we’ve done is we have configured the scooter to make a noise whenever this process has been completed. You can obviously delete profiles because this can be an extra cost for hosting an IMSI,
you can return these IMSIs back to your operator and they can recycle them. This is how we have built the UI to support the G+D AirOn management platform to manage all the eSIMs. Another interesting feature what we have added is that as now we will be the owner of the SIM cards we can actually upsell some
more value-added services. So we took the initiative with G+D and we are now going to host their different value-added SIM applications on the
platform as well and rather than logging into different platforms you can
actually use our connectivity platform as a one stop shop to manage everything. Thank you for the demo Rameez and visit 1oT.mobi for more
information on our eSIM and our connectivity management platform.

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